Glenwood Middle School Painters Get Paid

7/1/14 – 5:02 A.M.

Two painters who worked on the Glenwood Middle School project have been paid for their work, after going unpaid for more than a year. Joseph Edinger, the parent of one of the painters, tells the Courier his son and the other painter were, “paid what they claimed they were owed.” The painters signed a non disclosure agreement and can’t talk about the deal.

The problems stemmed from a company subcontracted to do painting work while the new middle school was being built. The painters worked for Global Contracting, which was eventually dropped by ACI, the general contractor on the project. ACI claimed Global couldn’t keep up with the work load, and replaced the company. As a result, they never paid Global. In turn, Global said that it did not have enough money to pay the painters.

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