Homing Devices Available For Wandering Patients

2/6/14 12:25 p.m.


Electronic search and rescue equipment was the featured topic of discussion at the monthly TRIAD meeting at the Hancock Agency on Aging. Beth Baker of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office said a grant from Project Lifesaver International helped pay for electronic devices designed to find at risk patients that could wander away from home..

Audio:  Beth Baker

Kids with autism or adults with Alzheimer’s or some for of dementia are potential candidates for the device. The sheriff’s office has been training on the equipment. The initial cost of the unit which consists of a small device worn around the wrist or ankle, batteries and bracelets are around $300 and $90 to $100 annually to cover battery and bracelet costs. Work is underway to find grants and sponsorships to help those who cannot afford the device..

Audio:  Beth Baker

Law enforcement zero in on what is essentially a homing device with up to a mile range. The small radio transmitter-receiver devices bridges the technological gap where more sophisticated GPS devices may fail.


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