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Ninja Warrior Course A New Attraction At Fair

9/3/2015   3pm A new attraction can be found at the Hancock County Fair this year. A Ninja Warrior Endurance Course can be found near the path where the old steer barn was located at the fairgrounds. One of the organizers of the event, Levi Beagle explains the course. Audio: Levi Beagle Fairgoers will have an opportunity to test their endurance and muscles at the fair. The course will be operating in the afternoons and evenings the entire week of the fair. Participants can qualify for prizes and a final run to be held Sunday. Audio: Levi Beagle Beagle says that information about the course as well as costs can be found posted at the course at the fairgrounds.

Youtheatre Plans Arts Trip To New York City

9/3/2015  2:00pm The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The City So Nice They Named It Twice are some of the popular nicknames for New York City. New York is home to a wide variety of individuals and cultures and is a major hub for the arts. Next year, The Arts Partnership will be taking area youth on a trip to New York City to experience many art styles and cultures. Craig VanRenterghem Education Director for the Arts Partnership says that plans for the Youtheatre trip will have the youth experience a vast array of different art styles. “Take in some Broadway shows, take in some sights, some museums. Get a master class or two with some professionals in the theater program. It gives students a chance to see what it can be like to have that as a career in their future.” said VanRenterghem. The New York Trip is a first-year educational opportunity for the Arts Partnership, one that they hope will become a tradition. Students will be…

Local Artist Showcases Passion For Rural Subjects

9/3/2015   1:10pm Capturing the essence of rural agricultural life can be challenging. Vincent Whitehead has spent a career photographing, sketching and painting scenes from Northwest Ohio. Whitehead says that he hopes his art makes people think about old structures in their communities. Audio: Vincent Whitehead Vincent Whitehead says that he was instilled with a love of art at a young age. He remembers how his grandparents would save him a special set of crayons to use because he would use them with extreme care. That love of art translated into his adult life, sketching and painting sights in rural Ohio. While he is a professional photographer, Whitehead notes that his art goes beyond what can be captured in pictures. Audio: Vincent Whitehead Whitehead is a professional photographer, sketch artist and painter based out of Harrod Ohio and he spoke at the Hancock County Historical Museum Thursday as part of the Brown Bag Lecture Series.

Video: Treece Family Keeping Fair Tradition Alive

9/2/2015   4:20pm When you go out to the Hancock County Fair this year you will notice a familiar sight, the Treece Family Ring Toss booth can be found again this year near the north grandstand. Jennifer Treece said that the booth has become a popular game for fair-goers each year. Audio: Jennifer Treece The game is “fairly” simple. To win a stick cane, you pay to toss a ring around the canes. Anyone you net you will win. A harder challenge is to ring the larger canes up above and if you do, you win one of them. The booth has been in operation at the fair for the past 68 years and Treece says that family tradition and pride has kept the game at the fair from generation to generation. Audio: Jennifer Treece The Treece Family Ring Toss will continue operating throughout the rest of the fair.

Some Soybean Fields May Mature Earlier Than Expected

9/3/2015   11:00am Some Hancock County Farmers may have noticed their soybean fields maturing earlier than expected. Hancock County Agriculture Extension Educator Ed Lentz says that the rain the area experienced earlier this summer may be contributing to the early change. Audio: Ed Lentz Lentz also mentions that certain types of soybean diseases, found in Northwest Ohio can also contribute to the early maturity of soybean fields. Audio: Ed Lentz While wet weather conditions are typically outside of a farmers control, farmers are still encouraged to check their crop seed for disease information before planting each year.

Hancock, Putnam Counties See High Approval Rates For Mortgages

9/3/15 – 10:40 A.m. If you’re trying to get a mortgage, you’re more likely to be approved here than in most other places in Ohio. That’s according to the website Smart The site determined the places in Ohio where homebuyers were most likely to be approved for a mortgage. Hancock County ranked 9th in the state, with slightly more than 66 percent of mortgage applications getting approval. Putnam County did even better, ranking 2nd in Ohio. Nearly 69.5 percent of mortgage applications got approval in Putnam County. MORE: Smart Asset

New Plastics Manufacturer Opens In Kenton

9/3/15 – 7:38 A.M. A new manufacturing plant opened its doors in Kenton Wednesday. WLIO-TV reports Ohio Lt. Governor Mary Taylor was on hand to help cut the ribbon at Sekisui Plastics. Production is scheduled to begin next week at the $5.2 million facility. The plant will make a variety of plastic parts for the automotive industry. Sekisui will employ around 50 people in Hardin County. MORE: WLIO

North Baltimore Fire Department Searching For Grant Money

9/3/15 – 7:25 A.M. The North Baltimore Fire Department is looking for grant money to maintain its trucks and equipment. The Courier reports Fire Chief Ted Francisco updated village council about that process this week. Francisco says they’re looking for grant money to pay for new portable radios and 32 pagers. He added they are also looking for funding to replace a fire truck that has been in service since 1984. MORE: The Courier