Source: Putnam County Could Drop Out Of Flood Study

8/5/14 – 4:56 A.M.

Putnam County could pull out of the ongoing Blanchard River flood study. An unnamed source tells the Courier frustration with the Army Corps of Engineers could lead to action being taken.

The source tells the newspaper the Corps has refused to show county officials how the I-9 bridge affects flooding. The bridge is often blamed for acting like dam when the river is running high. The Corps has been asked to provide statistical data to the county, but so far has not volunteered that information.

If Putnam County drops out of the study, it could try and start its own flood mitigation project with the Army Corps. The goal would be to get work done before 2016, when the current study is expected to be done. So far Putnam County has not contributed money to the ongoing study.

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