Monday Interview – Be Aware Of Motorcyclists On Roads And Highways

5/2/2016 – 4:00 am

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. With the warmer weather here to stay more and more people are out on the roads and highways in motorcycles. Lt. Matt Crow from the Findlay Post of the Ohio State Patrol says that motorcyclists should make sure they are properly trained on the use, and laws of motorcycling in the State of Ohio. Additionally…

Audio: Lt. Matt Crow

But Crow notes that proper safety isn’t just limited to motorcyclists themselves. For all drivers on the roadway, it is important to be aware of motorcyclists on the highway when you are out driving as they can be harder to notice at times.

Audio: Lt. Matt Crow

Crow says that the notion of looking twice to save a life is especially important for motorcyclists because they can appear in a drivers blind spot quickly and without warning. Bottom line, Crow says there are a number of things that driver and motorcyclists need to remember to stay safe out on the roadways this spring and summer.

Audio: Lt. Matt Crow

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