New Ohio Graduation Standards Will Challenge Educators And Students

6/11/14 – 11:06 A.M.

The state legislature passed new graduation standards for Ohio high school students last week, and it means big changes. Liberty-Benton High School Principal Brenda Frankhart explained some of the major changes today…

Audio: Brenda Frankart

Frankhart says the new tests will be a big departure from the Ohio Graduation Test…

Audio: Brenda Frankart

Frankart is also concerned about the technology needed to run the test. She said LB took part in a pilot program to see how the tests would work this year, and had problems getting the tests to run right.

High school students will take the new tests in seven subjects.

Two alternatives were also passed last week. Students can use their SAT or ACT scores in place of the English and math tests. Kids on the vocational path can get a diploma by getting an industry-recognized credential.

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