Be Prepared For Winter Driving

12/10/13 1:55 p.m.
Tens of thousands of automobile crashes can be blamed on winter weather but, many of those are caused by motorists not driving to suit the road conditions. Sgt. Tim Grigsby of the Lima Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol spoke to us about driving in winter weather..

Audio:  Sgt. Tim Grigsby

Sgt. Grigsby said many drivers can get a false sense of security on the roads when, in fact, problems such as black ice or bridges that ice up before roadways can catch a driver unaware if they are in a hurry or not paying attention to conditions. Over fifty percent of crashes occurring on snow, ice or slush-covered roadways are caused by driving too fast. Grigsby also talked about other safety tips when driving in the winter time..

Auditor:  Sgt. Tim Grigsby

Road flares or reflectors, first aid kit, flashlight and a small shovel were also suggested items to be carried in your car in the wintertime. Last year nearly 19,000 crashes occurred as the result of winter weather resulting in 42 deaths and over 5,200 injuries.

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