Some Progress Being Made In Getting Inmates In To Serve Short Sentences

7/18/14 – 4:49 A.M.

Hancock County jail officials say some headway is being made in getting people in to serve their sentences. The Courier reports a new agreement between Findlay and the county is expected to help. Under terms of the deal, Findlay will pay to have city inmates housed in the jails of neighboring counties. No deals are in place for that yet, but Putnam County is expected to sign on.

A dip in the male population at the jail helped clear room for female inmates trying to serve their sentences. Early this month the jail was able to temporarily convert one unit into female housing. That allowed seven more women to serve their short sentences.

Earlier this month, the Courier reported that jail overcrowding was so bad that convicts were being turned away from serving their sentences multiple times. Some have had to wait for more than a year to serve their sentence.

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