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The Racing World Program hosted by Dwight Allen has been on WFIN for 21 years featuring reports from Attica Raceway Park, Eldora Speedway, Limaland Speedway, Waynesfield Motorsports Park, Millstream Speedway Findlay  and Fremont Speedway. You’ll also hear from Michelle Gressman, bench racer and reporter.

Other special segments include a NASCAR report from Jeff Cheaturm plus a spokesman from The World of Outlaws, All-Star Circuit of Champions, National Speedsport News, NASCAR, IRL, USAC and Late Model “World of Outlaws”.

John Wells reports from area racing events and Dave Johnson is the producer.

Dwight is also joined in the studio each week by a rotating panel of local racing experts and drivers.


A Racing World Perspective…Dwight Allen – Host/Founder

I started Racing World on WFIN over ten years ago. Many people ask me why I took on such an adventure and the answer is really quite simple. I had a “part time” job in high school in the Clinton Auto Supply store in my home town of Clinton, Illinois and consequently met many of the local race car drivers running at such places as the Farmer City Speedway in Farmer City, Illinois and at the Macon County Speedway just outside Decatur, Illinois. I soon got to know the popular drivers ‘”Rosie” Roteman and “Tiger” Snow and I was hooked ON DIRT TRACK RACING! I eventually got to know every “shade tree” mechanic in central Illinois who played around with these race cares which became some of my best friends. I, from that time on, really developed a love for the sport and the guys who “strapped into these race cars”.

So when I first became a part of WFIN Radio Sports Staff in Findlay, Ohio… the first thing I asked General Manager Sandy Kozlevcar (sp) and her staff was…”Do you have a racing show”? I found out that they had never even thought about having such a show so I knew I had to develop the resources to make such a program a reality. During the next ten years the show has grown to one of the most highly rated shows on local radio. It starts at ten and ends at noon each Saturday.

The thing that has made it go is the cooperation of people like promoter Rex Le June of Attica Raceway Park. Yet, I still remember sitting down with Attica Promoter Gene Frankert many years ago at a restaurant in Tiffin where he gave me the encouragement to give Racing World it a try. Gene has always been a special friend ever since and believe he is one the best “racing minds” in the area….particularly as it pertains to preparing the race track for competition. Then Racing World hooked with Fremont Speedway and Bryan Liski when the Fords owned the race track. Bryan is the knowledgeable voice for both Attica Raceway Park and Fremont and was a welcome addition to the program. Then came Larry Kemp of the Eldora Speedway prefaced by the legendary figure of the “Big E” Larry Boos and suddenly we were having dialogue with one of the most exciting tracks in America owned by the one and only Tony Stewart. Other race tracks have cooperated to play a part on Racing World like Mansfield, Limaland, Waynesfield and many others all which contribute the show. We are so thankful for the cooperation of so many people which allows Racing World to produce two solid hours of racing news from NASCAR to ARCA to USAC. to the world of sprint cars, late models and Indy Cars.

Some of our special guests have been Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Joe Gibbs, Chris Economaki, Donnie Moran, Steve Francis, Red Farmer, Sam Hornish, Kyle Petty, writer Dave Augabright plus local drivers like Byron Reed, Craig Wilson and Lee Jacobs… and we thank them all, once again, for their cooperation!

So we invite you to join us each Saturday to take an exciting trip around the world of racing in a rather “smorgasbord approach” It Is, informative, enlightening and entertaining with knowledgeable “bench racers” like John Wells, Larry Reece, Lisa Hammer and Tim Clegg to make it the fastest two hours on radio.

One of the bye lines of the show has always been, “Hey keep turning left…and stay out of trouble…. and Hey Craig Wilson hasn’t quit…so don’t you quit Ok…at least not today!…climaxed by “God’s Speed Everybody”!

How to watch a sprint car race

How to watch a sprint car race- Tim Clagg

Many people who are not racing fans have the idea that racing is just cars going around in a circle. If you have this kind of attitude about racing it’s more then likely you won’t enjoy it. There are many different factors that go into how to watch a race.

1. If you are a first time fan going to a sprint car race you should either go with someone who goes to the races regularly or sit next to someone in the stands who can help you with some of the common things in racing. This way if the first time fan has any questions he/she can have them answered by someone who is a regular fan of the sport

2. During qualifying watch each individual sprint car in the corners. You can tell where each driver gets on the brakes and picks up the throttle out of the corner. This is very important in qualifying. However it also transfers over to the race and you will see where each driver is good at on the race track.

3. During the heat races and actual A-main feature first time fans just tend to watch the lead car in the race and nothing else. The fan needs to watch every car throughout the field. A majority of the time fast cars get stuck in the back for heats or features and you have a mixture of fast cars in the back and slower cars in the front to start the race this makes for some very exciting racing.

4. Watch some of the lines drivers take into the corners some drivers like to drive high and some drivers like to run the bottom. During the course of the night the lines change and drivers have to guess at the right time when the “groove” is changing and adjust to the changing conditions.

5. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish lapped cars and cars on the lead lap this is another reason why you have to watch everything throughout the field to see who is on the lead lap and who is not. If you have a problem finding out who is running where in the field most tracks have a scoreboard in the infield of the top 5 running order this helps out fans of all kind immensely. Also on the scoreboard is a lap counter this helps everyone keep track of how close the race is to the end. This is a very good tool for race fans cause most of us lose track throughout the course of the race what lap they are actually on.

6. One of the most important thing also is the announcer, if you are not a new fan and don’t know a lot of the drivers the announcer does a good job telling the fans who is in every car during the race so I suggest new fans try and listen to the announcer so they can start putting names with the racecars.

These are all of the things you have to focus on when watching a race. If you do all of these things I guarantee that new fans will fall in love with racing and keep coming back. To quote a friend of mine Dwight Allen “there is nothing like a sprint car coming out of turn 4 and kicking dirt up in the stands.” I couldn’t agree anymore when you go to a sprint car race for the first time you then become infected with the racing disease!


Racing World is proud to “branch out” to, once again, get in contact with the “grass-roots” race fans. We are going to produce up to ten “Tailgate Programs” which is designed to promote some “special races” at Eldora Speedway, Millstream Speedway, Limaland Speedway, Fremont Speedway and Attica Raceway Park. The emphasis will center on interviews with racing fans who are passionate about the sport and want to display their support for their favorite race team. Race drivers will be asked to come for special interviews while the music will feature some the best sport jams to “pump up the volume” for a great night of racing. This again, is all designed for the fan’s whose interviews will be replayed during Racing World on WFIN 1330 AM from ten till noon each Saturday. We will have a full sound system featuring Racing World host Dwight Allen and DJ Ryan Bush along with reporters John Wells and Lisa Hammer. Photographer Larry Reece will be documenting the event with some great shots of the interviews to be seen later on our Racing World web site. So plan to come to the race track just a little early and be a part of Racing World where you can be a part of the show! The Tailgate Show will start around 5 o’clock and last until the beginning of time trails. So join us and enjoy the sport with us!

RRacing is Coming Soon!

Well when the racers start for the Florida run…you know it won’t be long until we smell methanol again! As we start another season… just some random thoughts as we wait for the checked flag drop at Attica Raceway Park.

1. Discussion Question… I am concerned how racing will be affected if Washington starts to tax those small businesses that have an income of $250,000…which is the heart of sprint car racing…give me your thoughts to be used on Racing World! Send me a email…I am interested in what the race fan thinks!

2. We will continue to reach out to race fans by continuing our Race Nites with Larry Reese/Lisa Hammer which was so well received last year. It will be held again this year in Fremont, Findlay, Tiffin, Lima etc. We want to make the drivers accessible to the fans in an atmosphere where there is no competition or interference of any kind. Pictures taken by Larry at these events will be posted on my web site and the interviews will heard on Racing World between ten and noon! We need your cooperation by inviting your friends to these Race Nites… to get them “hooked on racing”… that will benefit all the race tracks in northwest Ohio.

3. One of my “past concerns” is how we prepare race fans for a night of racing. I recently attended a NFL Football game featuring the Detroit Lions and the Arizona Cardinals. They started their “pregame promo” a hour and a half before kickoff. I have always thought this is a prime time for promoting and teaching the fans about the sport. Racing World’s Ryan Bush will try to organize a WFIN Radio Booth for pre-race interviews, autograph sessions and asking fans to do some “bench racing” with us before the “time trials”. New fans need to appreciate the sport which is “more caught than taught”… I mean by that… they need to get into the spirit of things before racing guru’s start explaining the many facets of racing! We need the fans to show up and “set the tone” for the best dirt track racing in the country! Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated.”Nothing great has ever been established without great enthusiasm! These pre-race festivities again… will be done before the marquee events this year at Attica, Fremont, Limaland and Eldora! More details later!

4. Someone said “Correction does much but encouragement does much more”! I believe we as fans need to be more animated!! When an announcer, like Brian Liskai, ends a interview with the winner…we need more noise to let the drivers really know we appreciate all the time and talent they have invested to make these race cars go. We need more clapping, more stomping, more noise makers, somebody “blasting away” on a trumpet..raising the noise level… showing we that we have “the spirit” to make racing successful as we compete with so many other forms of entertainment. We need to learn how to compete for the entertainment dollar that will be strained more than ever this year when the economy is less than what we would like it to be…

5. And Just one MORE thing…if you are an avid fan of some race car driver…BUT THEIR STINKING MERCHANDISE, the stands should be a literal “color-fest” reflecting the various colors on the cars themselves. I mean buy that stuff the first night of racing and WEAR IT! When I go to see the Cleveland Browns play…the stands are a sea of Brown….when I go to Detroit a sea of blue! Let’s go for it this summer fans…you guys “make the difference” whether this going to be a good summer or a “so-so summer”…by how you bring your friends…by the enthusiasm you show…by the colors you wear! You always make the get reved up…and let’s go racing!

My Best to the many drivers as you prepare for this season of racing…”Keep turning left and stay out of trouble”….because it is ALWAYS “FUN TO WATCH YOU RUN”!

Racing World Weekly Schedule Saturday – 10 am to Noon

10:05-10:15NASCAR TIME with Jeff Cheatham
10:15-10:30Attica Raceway Park with promoter Rex Lejeune
10:30 to 10:45Waynesfield Raceway Park with promoter Danny Kelly
10:45 to 11:00Eldora Speedway with General Manager Roger Slack
11:05-11:15Celebrity/Classic Car time with Larry Reese
11:15 to 11:30 Limaland Speedway with promoter Gene Frankert
11:30-11:45Fremont Speedway with owner Rich Farmer
11:45-12:00Millstream Speedway with promoters Randy and Lisa Hammer

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