Sen. Issa Subpoenas IRS Commissioner After More Key Emails Deemed “Lost”

US House of Representatives (WASHINGTON) — The Internal Revenue Service said on Tuesday that it has lost a number of emails that investigators were seeking related to the IRS’ alleged targeting of conservative groups.

On Friday, the IRS said it had lost the emails of former official Lois Lerner, but on Tuesday acknowledged that the agency had also been unable to locate emails from six more employees — all of whom happen to be liked to Lerner, and key to the investigation headed by House Oversight Committee Chair Darrel Issa.

The IRS said that the computers for each of the staff members had crashed — a revelation many critics find far too “convenient” not to be deliberate.

In response, Issa subpoenaed IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to turn over Lerner’s hard drive and all electronic devices. At least two Republicans leading the House investigation called the lost emails “convenient,” and are asking the U.S. Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to the case.

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