Brian Bowen Smith/E!(LOS ANGELES) — Following Joan Rivers not being included during the In Memoriam portion of the Oscars on Sunday night, her daughter spoke out about the snub and has decided to focus on the positive.

On the late comedian’s Facebook page, Melissa Rivers posted, “It would have been nice, especially considering the impact she had on the awards season” to be included in the Oscars coverage.

The statement continued, “But [my son] Cooper and I have been overwhelmed with support and love over my mom’s passing and we choose to focus on that.”

This statement from the E! producer came hours after the Academy released a statement of its own as to why Joan Rivers, who died last September, was not included.

The Academy told USA Today, “Joan Rivers is among the many worthy artists and filmmakers we were unfortunately unable to feature in the In Memoriam segment of this year’s Oscar show. She is, however, included in our In Memoriam gallery on”

Instead, the Oscars honored Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Maya Angelou, alongside such industry figures as Mickey Rooney, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall.

While the show left Rivers out, her daughter Melissa made sure to pay tribute right as E! began its red carpet coverage of the night. The network started off with Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic saying a few words about her mentor and “dear friend” — then throwing it Melissa so she could share some precious memories of her late mother.

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ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) — And then there were two on The Bachelor.

Only a pair of women remains in the competition following Monday night’s episode of the ABC series. Chris Soules ended a visit to Bali by handing out roses to Whitney, a fertility nurse from Chicago, and Becca, a chiropractic assistant from San Diego.

To her surprise, Canadian bachelorette Kaitlyn was eliminated.

Soules will make his final choice on the season finale of The Bachelor in two weeks.

Soules’ first date in Bali was with Kaitlyn. After taking part in a spiritual ritual with some locals, the two walked the streets and came across some monkeys. A handful of them jumped on Soules as he fed them bananas; one even urinated on his shirt.

Later, Kaitlyn struggled to let her guard down and tell Soules how she feels about him. Eventually, she admitted to him that she’s falling in love with him. She accepted his invitation to the fantasy suite.

For his date with Whitney, Soules took her out for a ride on a boat, where they discussed her sister’s unwillingness to give them her blessing during the hometown visit. Whitney said she was upset that her sister mildly spoiled a special moment for her, but Soules assured her that it didn’t change their relationship.

Following their boat adventure, Soules asked Whitney whether she’d be comfortable with leaving Chicago. She said that while she has a career there, she’s not “fully happy” because she’s missing something in her life, i.e. a partner. She said she wouldn’t hesitate to move and start a new career as a family woman. She spent the night in the fantasy suite.

For his final date in Bali, Soules and Becca met with a medicine man. When she asked for advice for their date, the medicine man suggested she and Soules make love. It was an awkward response, since Becca had yet to admit to Soules that she’s a virgin.

Once Becca was invited to the fantasy suite, she realized she had to confide in Soules. Once inside the suite, she shared her secret. Soules exhaled a few times before telling her that he respects the fact that she’s saved herself for marriage. However, according to Soules, they had another conversation the next morning that left him confused regarding where they stand.

Wondering whether Becca lost her virginity in the fantasy suite? Well, it wasn’t made clear in the episode.

All three ladies met with Soules at a temple, where hand-holding was permitted but kissing was not. Soules and Becca excused themselves to clear the air after their last chat. Soules said he cares for her but that the week had been a challenging one for him.

After rejoining Whitney and Kaitlyn, Soules began the rose ceremony. He first presented a rose to Whitney before giving the second and final rose to Becca. As he said his goodbyes with Kaitlyn, she asked what went wrong in their relationship. He replied that it boiled down to a tough decision that required him to follow his heart. She was still puzzled by her elimination as she was taken away in a car.

Next Monday night, ABC will air the Bachelor “Women Tell All” special, featuring the return of polarizing bachelorette Kelsey.

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The Walt Disney Company/Marvel Comics(NEW YORK) — In an interview with Empire magazine, writer-director Joss Whedon teases some details about Ultron, the titular villain in his upcoming Avengers sequel, who is voiced by James Spader.

“For me what was interesting is that [Ultron] is this angry, and I hired the smoothest talker in Hollywood to play him. I did it on purpose. I needed a guy who can give you the ‘Morpheus’ but then can just LOSE HIS S**T. Spader’s really good at that.”

Whedon confesses he wanted Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and the rest of their pals to face off with Ultron on the big screen even before he directed the original Marvel film. Whedon says the mechanical menace did have to undergo some changes from the comics, however.

“With Ultron, we have to make him slightly less omnipotent, because he’d win. Bottom line,” he said. “Also, having weaknesses and needs and foibles and alliances and actually caring what people think of him…are what make him a character and not just a tidal wave. A movie about a tidal wave can be great, but it’s different than a conflict between one side and the other.”

Originally created by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Mark Ruffalo’s Dr. Bruce Banner as a force for good, Ultron becomes self-aware — and soon sees that to achieve peace, mankind must be eradicated.

Incidentally, in the comics, it’s Hank Pym — AKA Ant-Man — who creates the ravaging robot, but Whedon had to change course thanks to then-Ant-Man director Edgar Wright’s take on that Marvel character. Wright eventually dropped out, and the Ant-Man project moved on with Michael Douglas playing an older Pym.

Having Pym in the Avengers sequel felt like “a bridge too far” for Whedon, who admitted, “Of all the heat I’ve ever taken, not having Hank Pym was one of the bigger things.”

However, he makes clear, “Ultron needs to be the brainchild of the Avengers, and in the world of the Avengers and the MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] Tony Stark is that guy…It didn’t make sense to introduce a third scientist…to do that.”

Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, also starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, and Samuel L. Jackson opens May 1.

Ant-Man hits theaters July 17.

Both movies will be released by Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) — It seems Emma Watson has a crush on Steve Carell. At the least, she deeply admires the Oscar-nominated actor and his work.

The Harry Potter actress was appreciative of the fact that Carell wore cufflinks representing the U.N.’s HeForShe campaign — a gender equality movement that Watson supports — at the Oscars Sunday night.

She’s tweeted a photo of a handwritten letter addressed to Carell in which she expresses her gratitude and gushes about a few of his most famous roles.

Watson wrote, “Dear Steve Carell, You were pure genius in Little Miss Sunshine (one of my all-time favourite films), my brother became obsessed with you after Anchorman, I wanted to marry you or have you adopt me after Crazy, Stupid, Love, I hated that guy you played in The Way Way Back, and then you were mindblowing in Foxcatcher.”

“I think you’re so awesome and now you are wearing #HeForShe cufflinks at the Oscars to support Gender Equality. Couldn’t be more proud! Thank you. Love, Emma x,” the letter concluded.

Carell was nominated for a best actor Oscar for his role in Foxcatcher. The Theory of Everything star Eddie Redmayne won the category.

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ABC/Rick Rowell(LOS ANGELES) — Zoe Saldana turned heads Sunday at the Oscars when walked her first major red carpet since giving birth to twins in December. So how did the actress slim down so quickly?

“Oh God. Breastfeeding!” Saldana told US Weekly. “And just eating very healthy because I have to feed two babies. Just when you think you’re done feeding one, the other one is like, ‘I’m here!’ ‘Oh! You too? Okay here you go.”

Saldana welcomed her first children, Bowie and Cy, with husband Marco Perego. The two wed in a secret ceremony in London in 2013.

Although they’re new parents, the Guardians of the Galaxy star said that she and her husband can already distinguish their two boys.

“…[W]e know their cries; it’s bizarre,” Saldana explained. “Everybody’s asking us when we’re in the house, ‘Whose that?’ And we say, ‘Oh it’s Bowie.’ ‘Oh it’s Cy.’ And we know exactly what they mean, so it’s fantastic.”

Oddly enough, Saldana doesn’t mind waking up in the middle of the night for feedings and changing diapers. “Four a.m. never felt better. To wake up at that time! We love it,” she told the magazine.

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Brian Bowen Smith/NBC(NEW YORK) — During an appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show Monday to promote her return to The Voice, Christina Aguilera revealed a little-known talent of hers. It turns out, she’s very good at doing impersonations of certain celebrities.

Aguilera joined host Jimmy Fallon for a game called “Wheel of Musical Impressions,” in which they took turns impersonating famous singers performing certain songs.

Aguilera delivered spot-on imitations of her Burlesque co-star, Cher, singing the Folgers Coffee jingle and Britney Spears performing “This Little Piggy.”

Aguilera then impersonated Shakira singing “Thank You for Being a Friend,” the theme from the 1980s sitcom, The Golden Girls. Fallon, impersonating singer Michael McDonald, joined in.

Aguilera has returned to The Voice for the show’s eighth season. She told Fallon it gets easier and easier every time she returns to the show because she and veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have “got the routine down by now.”

She recalled that the first three seasons were “rough and rocky, because nobody knew behind the scenes what was happening [or] how it would work.” She added that every year, the show gains “more success and it becomes more familiar to people.”

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC.

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Photo by Gennady Avramenko/Epsilon/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Ben Woolf, a star in American Horror Story: Freak Show, died Monday after he was hit by a car on a Los Angeles street last week. He was 34.

Woolf, who is 4-foot-4, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in critical condition after he was hit by the side mirror of a passing vehicle.

He died Monday afternoon with his family at his side, according to his publicist Zack Teperman.

In a post on his Facebook page, his family gave thanks for “the outpouring of love and support from all over the world for our beloved Ben.”

“He touched so many hearts in his 34 years,” the posting said. “His memory will live on within each of us and within his work. Thank you everyone for your love.”

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Sesame Workshop(NEW YORK) — We are just days away from season three of House of Cards, set to be released Friday. But in the meantime, there’s a goofy, educational alternative.

Frank Underwolf stars in Sesame Street’s “House of Bricks,” a parody of the Netflix show in which the big bad wolf threatens to blow down the pigs’ homes, just like in the fable you remember from your childhood.

“Some people say there’s too much pork in this town. Frank Underwolf could not agree more. And that is why Mr. Underwolf is on a mission to huff and puff and blow down all the little pigs’ houses,” reads the YouTube description.

In the video, Underwolf — a funny take on Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood — gives kids a quick lesson in math as well, subtracting the homes as he blows them down.

The ending is a real twist that you won’t see coming!

Check it out.

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — Eddie Redmayne wasn’t the only one extremely excited when his name was called for Best Actor at the 2015 Oscars on Sunday night.

Redmayne, 33, played Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and his Oscar win for his portrayal of the genius dealing with ALS grabbed the attention of Hawking, 73, himself.

Hawking took to Facebook and commented on Redmayne’s big win.

“Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne for winning an #Oscar for playing me in The Theory of Everything Movie,” he wrote. “Well done Eddie, I’m very proud of you.”

He signed the message “SH.”

Redmayne told reporters backstage at the Oscars that he does plan to go and see Hawking and his family to celebrate after his epic win.

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ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) — Neil Patrick Harris is no stranger to hosting awards shows, having previously hosted the Emmys twice and the Tonys four times. On Sunday night, he helmed the Academy Awards for the first time. The actor, whose performance was met with mixed reviews, had one regret after hanging up his hosting hat.

“I’m sorry that I read Twitter,” he admitted on Monday’s Live with Kelly and Michael, referring to some social media criticism of his performance.

Harris added that although he appeared calm onstage, he wasn’t.

“The job I think is to make the people in the audience who have gone through this massively insane red carpet feel welcome and for the people at home to feel like they’re included in the show,” he said. “So even though I had nerves and I was nervous about it…that was more the actor in me making sure that I seemed like I was calmer than I probably was.”

Compared to hosting the Emmys and the Tonys, Harris said Hollywood’s biggest night was definitely the most challenging.

“The Oscars is…it’s a juggernaut. It’s a gigantic show so as much as I was happy that each individual piece represented itself well, it’s a lot…more difficult than you would think,” he explained.

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