Terms of the settlement in the Carla Reeg civil rights case were “confidential,” but Findlay government’s monetary payments and attorney fees in the case are public matters, according to legal precedents.
On April 8, Law Director Don Rasmussen provided City Council members with a letter stamped “FYI,” explaining his request to appropriate $3,344 from the city’s self-insurance fund.
The money was to go toward “the settlement claim we reached in the Reeg matter that I discussed with you in executive session,” he wrote to council.
“I remind you that this settlement is confidential. I am providing this letter to you directly for your information only,” Rasmussen told council. “This letter will not be read at council.”
At its April 15 meeting, council gave the ordinance for the appropriation a first reading, with no discussion. The ordinance was given a second reading this week.
No explanation for the proposed appropriation was offered in the council meeting packets that are made available to the public prior to each regular council meeting.
The packets include information on matters that council is expected to consider, and other information such as committee meeting minutes.
The Courier on April 16 made a public records request that asked for copies of correspondence from this year labeled “FYI” that had been included in council members’ meeting packets but had not been released to the public.
Rasmussen’s April 8 letter was not provided until a reporter asked him about it in person. Rasmussen said he didn’t immediately release the letter because settlement details were still being completed and he didn’t want to jeopardize them.
The city released the document last week.
Brown: 419-427-8496
Send an E-mail to Joy Brown
Twitter: @CourierJoy

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The University of Findlay honored Kohei Suzuki, founder of GSW Manufacturing, and his son Joji “George” Suzuki, the company’s former president, during a ceremony at the Findlay Country Club on Thursday.
The university awarded Kohei Suzuki with an honorary doctor of business administration, and George Suzuki received a distinguished alumnus award from the university’s alumni association.
The university presented the honorary degree in recognition of Kohei Suzuki’s efforts to bridge the culture gap between Japan and Findlay, creating understanding, friendship and joint economic benefits, according to the university.
Kohei Suzuki, who founded several companies in Japan, established GSW Manufacturing in Findlay’s Tall Timbers industrial park in 1989, the first wholly Japanese-owned company in Findlay. GSW serves as the North American headquarters for G.S. Eletech, which manufactures automobile electrical and hose assemblies.
Under Suzuki’s leadership, GSW spearheaded a Japan study tour for educators and community leaders to experience Japan first-hand. GSW supported the trip for 10 years between 1993 and 2003, sending more than 20 community leaders. The program is now supported by the Friends of Findlay, a consortium of Japan-based companies in northwestern Ohio.
He also invested in downtown Findlay, bringing authentic Japanese culture and cuisine to the community with the establishment of Japan West restaurant.
Joji “George” Suzuki was honored for his international business career and for setting an example as a 1999 graduate of the University of Findlay’s master of business administration program.
George Suzuki is the president of G.S. Eletech of Japan, a position he has held since 2013.
In 1987, George Suzuki started G.S. Wiring Systems in California, and in 1989 he moved to Findlay to start GSW Manufacturing, where he served as president from 1994 to 1999, according to the university.
In 2001, George Suzuki became a managing director of G.S. Eletech in Aichi, Japan.
The next year, he came back to Findlay to lead GSW Manufacturing, again as president, and then he returned to Japan in 2008.

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The Hancock County Young Guns will be competing with 11 other teams from Ohio and Indiana in a nationally-sponsored trapshooting competition on Saturday at Jaqua’s Fine Guns and Gun Club.
Young Guns head coach Louie Scheiderer on Thursday said 274 youths were registered for the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation event, to be held at 900 E. Bigelow Ave. Shooting with five-member teams will begin at 9:30 a.m. and last all day, he said.
Students in grades four through 12 will be competing in various divisions, according to grade level and ability. The foundation will be donating $1,000 toward door prizes and provide $19,000 in endowments to clubs with champions and runners-up.
Rookie teams will shoot 500 clay targets and advanced teams 1,000 targets.
Scheiderer said the endowment funding is particularly welcome because it helps pay for equipment and operational costs.
“My club shoots over $6,000 worth of practice targets each year,” Scheiderer said.
Young Guns was established in 2009 with nine members. It now has 41 participants, seven of them girls, who reside here and as far away as Celina and Perrysburg, Scheiderer said. They practice each week at Jaqua’s and attend several seasonal competitions.
The club is accepting new members. For more information, visit its website at

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MOUNT BLANCHARD — Riverdale’s Tiffany Penwell was a triple-winner Thursday to lead the host Falcons to the girls team championship at the Riverdale Relays.
Riverdale scored 1071/2 points, outpacing Carey (971/2) and Arlington (96). Liberty-Benton (71) was fifth, Cory-Rawson (36) seventh and Hardin Northern (321/2) ninth.
Penwell joined Aubrea Manns, Bre Pickett and Sarah Hunter to win the 800-meter relay in 1:51.10.
Riverdale’s Penwell, Pickett, Hunter and Kristen Evans tied for first in the sprint medley relay with Carey’s Shelby Craig, Lauren Wenner, Amber Spurlock and Gwen Wentling. Both squads finished in 1:57.30.
Penwell also teamed with Kaye Lynn Wise to win the triple jump relay (55-0). Penwell had the longest individual effort at 28-73/4.
On the boys side, North Union dominated with 137 points and finished well ahead of Riverdale (861/2) and Carey (831/2). Arlington (751/2) was fourth, Hardin Northern (41) seventh, Cory-Rawson (32) eighth and Liberty-Benton (29) last in the nine-team field.

GIRLS Team Standings
1, Riverdale 1071/2. 2, Carey 971/2. 3, Arlington 96. 4, Wynford 79. 5, Liberty-Benton, 71. 6, North Union 49. 7, Cory-Rawson 36. 8, Upper Scioto Valley 351/2. 9, Hardin Northern 321/2.
Area GIRLS Finishes
1,600 relay — 1, Carey (Wentling, Heinz, Craig, Spurlock) 4:18.30. 3, Riverdale 4:32.00. 4, Cory-Rawson 4:41. 7, Liberty-Benton 4:56.40. 8, Hardin Northern 5:12.60.
6,400 relay — 1, Liberty-Benton (Garver, Miller, Frankart, Baumlein) 25:58.39. 2, Arlington 26:07.49. 3, Riverdale 26:18.05. 4, Carey 27:55.26.
800 SPRINT MEDLEY — 1 (tie) Carey (Craig, Wenner, Spurlock, Wentling) & Riverdale (Penwell, Evans, Pickett, Hunter) 1:57.30. 3, Arlington 2:00.90. 7, Hardin Northern 2:13.90. 8, Liberty-Benton 2:14.50.
FRESHMEN SRINT MEDLEY — 2, Arlington 2:05.90. 3, Carey 2:07.30. 4, Hardin Northern 2:07.40. 5, Liberty-Benton 2:08.70. 6, Riverdale 2:24.90.
DISTANCE MEDLEY — 1, Arlington (Miller, Begg, Russell, McMath) 1$:44.10. 2, Riverdale 15:03.50. 3, Liberty-Benton 15:29.50. 4, Cory-Rawson 15:40.80. 5, Carey 16:01.10. 7, Hardin Northern 17:25.30.
100 IH — 1, Martin (Riv) 17.20. 2, Willow (Arl) 17.40. 4, Blair (Car) 18.90. 6, Rettig (C-R) 19.60. 7, Ayers (HN) 20.80.
800 relay — 1, Riverdale (Penwell, Manns, Pickett, Hunter) 1:51.10. 3, Carey 1:52.40. 4, Arlington 1:54.80. 5, Cory-Rawson 1:55.00. 7, Hardin Northern 2:01.30. 8, Liberty-Benton 2:04.40.
400 throwers relay — 1, Arlington (Bonnell, Oates, Willow, Palmer) 59.70. 2, Liberty-Benton 1:01.30. 4, Carey 1:04.50. 5, Riverdale 1:05.20. 6, Hardin Northern 1:07.80. 8, Cory-Rawson 1:12.20.
400 relay — 1, Arlington (H. Johnson, M. Johnson, Beck, Stoltz) 51.50. 3, Carey 53.10. 5, Riverdale 55.90. 6, Liberty-Benton 57.50. 7, Hardin Northern 58.80. 8, Cory-Rawson 1:00.70.
3,200 RELAY — 1, Cory-Rawson (vonStein, Kussmaul, Scott, Roebke) 10:50.30. 2, Liberty-Benton 11:00.10. 3, Riverdale 11:25.90. 4, Carey 11:42.40. 6, Hardin Northern 13:21.90.
HJ relay — 2, Arlington 9-10. 4, Carey 9-0. 5, Liberty-Benton 8-8. 6, Riverdale 8-4. 8, Hardin Northern 4-4.
DISCUS relay — 1, Riverdale (Pauley, Fleming) 220-0. 4, Hardin Northern 160-3. 5, Liberty-Benton 151-8. 6, Carey 134-5. 7, Cory-Rawson 133-0. 8, Arlington 114-7.
SHOT relay — 2, Riverdale 64-31/2. 3, Carey 58-61/2. 5, Liberty-Benton 55-8. 7, Cory-Rawson 51-8. 8, Hardin Northern 49-6.
PV relay — 1, Arlington (Thompson, Beck) 20-6. 3, Liberty-Benton 17-6. 4 (tie), Riverdale & Carey 14-0. 6, Cory-Rawson 8-0. 7, (tie) Hardin Northern 7-0.
LJ relay — 1, Carey (Craig, Elchert) 27-21/4. 2, Arlington 26-5. 3, Riverdale 26-11/2. 5, Liberty-Benton 25-6. 7, Hardin Northern 24-43/4.
TJ relay –1, Riverdale (Penwell, Wise) 55-0. 2, Carey 53-63/4. 3, Liberty-Benton 51-91/4. 5, Arlington 21-71/4.
BOYS Team Standings
1, North Union 137. 2, Riverdale 861/2. 3, Carey 831/2. 4, Arlington 751/2. 5, Upper Scioto Valley 661/2. 6, Wynford 58. 7, Hardin Northern 41. 8, Cory-Rawson 32. 9, Liberty-Benton 29.
Area BOYS Finishes
1,600 relay — 1, Riverdale (Evans, Lauck, Fox, Pever) 3:34.90. 2, Carey 3:41.30. 5, Hardin Northern 3:46.80. 6, Arlington 3:39.70.7, Cory-Rawson 3:56.90.
6,400 relay — 2, Riverdale 21:25.20. 4, Liberty-Benton 22:55.30. 5, Arlington 23:44.70. 6, Hardin Northern 24:25.10.
800 SPRINT MEDLEY — 3, Riverdale 1:40.90. 5, Arlington 1:45.00. 6, Carey 1:48.50. 7, Cory-Rawson 1:49.50. Hardin Northern 1:52.30.
DISTANCE MEDLEY — 1, Carey (Kromer, A. Hyatt, E. Hyatt, Cook) 11:58.50. 2, Riverdale 12:26.20. 6, Hardin Northern 13:44.70. 7, Liberty-Benton 13:49.10. 8, Arlington 14:27.60.
110 HH — 2, Waltz (C-R) 16.60. 3, Holderman (Riv) 18.20. 5, Burnett (Arl) 18.50. 6, Weihrauch 23.60.
800 relay — 2, Cory-Rawson 1:35.70. 2, Cory-Rawson 1:35.70. 4, Arlington 1:37.20. 5, Hardin Northern 1:37.60. 6, Carey 1:38.10. 7, Riverdale 1:39.20.
400 throwers relay — 1, Arlington (Inniger, Bernhardt, Romick, Hartman) 49.30. 3, Carey 53.00. 5, Hardin Northern 54.90. 7, Riverdale 55.90. 8, Liberty-Benton 56.10.
400 relay — 2, Cory-Rawson 43.90. 3, Arlington 46.30. 4, Carey 47.30. 6, Riverdale 48.70. 7, Liberty-Benton 49..40. 8, Hardin Northern 50.10.
3,200 RELAY — 1, Riverdale (Evans, Lauck, Fox, Pever) 8:45.10. 2, Arlington 9:11.10. 3, Carey 9:24. 80. 6, Liberty-Benton 9:55.20. 8, Hardin Northern 11:12.20.
HJ relay — 2, Carey 11-8. 3 (tie), Riverdale 11-6. 5( tie), Arlington & Hardin Northern 10-8.
DISCUS relay — 2, Carey 249-9. 4, Riverdale 220-11. 6, Arlington 210-6. 7, Liberty-Benton 209-10. 8, Hardin Northern 204-10.
SHOT relay — 2, Carey 88-111/2. 3, Arlington 87-10. 5, Cory-Rawson 81-0. 7, Riverdale 72-10. 8, Hardin Northern 70-71/2.
PV relay — 1, Liberty-Benton (Cornwell, Orians) 25-11. 3 (tie), Hardin Northern & Carey 20-0. 5, Riverdale 14-6. 6, Arlington 12-6.
LJ relay — 2, Carey 35-5. 4, Arlington 35-13/4. 5, Hardin Northern 33-81/4. 6, Riverdale 31-63/4. 8, Liberty-Benton 27-1/2.
TJ relay –3, Carey 66-61/2. 4, Arlington 64-61/2. 5, Riverdale 58-13/4.

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LIMA — All three Ottawa-Glandorf singles players won their opening matches Thursday to advance to the semifinals of the Western Buckeye League boys tennis tournament.
The tournament will resume at 10 a.m. Saturday at the University of Northwestern Ohio in Lima.
O-G’s Alex Schroeder disposed of Drew Wayman of Wapakoneta 6-0, 6-1 in No. 1 singles. Schroeder will face Lane Mansfield of Van Wert on Saturday.
Brandon Hempfling of O-G battled Eric Yeung of Van Wert, and finally emerged with a 4-6, 6-2, 6-4 win. He will meet Alex Seibel of Celina on Saturday.
In No. 3 singles, John Schroeder, a 1-6, 6-0, 6-1 winner over Celina’s Nathan Lutz, will square Saturday against St. Marys Memorial’s Justin Nedderman.
In No. 1 doubles, Trevor Kuhlman and Conner Kuhlman of O-G fell 3-6, 6-3, 6-1 to Elida’s Kyle Phillips and Kyle Goodwin.
The Titans’ team of Jonah Vonderembse and Sammy Gable lost 3-6, 6-1, 6-1 to Tyler Mikesell and Drew Sarno of Elida.

SW 6th at NWOCSA
SANDUSKY — Alexa Hallman and Sophia Volpe won the 100 hurdles and 1,600, respectively, as Fostoria St. Wendelin’s girls finished sixth in the team standings of the Northwest Ohio Catholic Schools Association track and field championships at Cedar Point Stadium.
Sandusky St. Mary’s beat Tiffin Calvert 140-90 to win the girls team title. The Mohawks scored 53 points.
St. Mary scored 112 points in winning the boys crown, while runner-up Tiffin Calvert 88½. St. Wendelin scored 47 points.
Hallman finished the 100 hurdles in 17.6, while Volpe took the 1,600 in 5:43.10.
Nick DeHaven led St. Wendelin’s boys by winning the 3,200 in 11:14.0
George sets records
Elmwood High School graduate Brittany George finished her freshman campaign with the Owens Community College softball team as the program’s single-season record holder in two offensive categories.
George went 56 for 102 (.549) in 2014 to break the single-season mark of .541 set by Kylie Zweifel in 2006. She also set a new record with a 1.059 slugging percentage, becoming the first player in program history to slug higher than 1.000 in a season.
In addition to the records, George also recorded team-highs in runs (48), doubles (16), hits (56), triples (3), homers (10), walks (17) and on-base percentage (.607).

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The Putnam County League championships won’t be the only track meet around the region taking place as schools will compete in five other invitationals scattered across northwestern Ohio tonight.
One area school will be hosting a meet tonight as Elmwood welcomes six other teams for the John Ramsey Invitational.
Arcadia, Van Buren, Lakota, Ridgedale, Toledo Woodward and defending champion Wauseon will join the host Royals in the seven-team field.
The field events and 6,400-meter relay kick the meet off at 4:30 p.m. The remainder of the running events start at 6 p.m.
Admission is $4 for adults and $2 for students.
Galion Invitational
Findlay and Upper Sandusky will join 12 other schools tonight for the Galion Kiwanis Invitational.
It’s set for an afternoon start with field events and running events both beginning at 3:30 p.m.
Other schools scheduled to compete include Ashland, Clear Fork, Colonel Crawford, Lexington, Mansfield Senior, Marion Harding, West Salem Northwestern, Ontario, Shelby, Pataskala Watkins Memorial, Westerville Central and the host Tigers.
Green Bears Relays
Hopewell-Loudon and North Baltimore will head north to Ottawa Hills for the 42nd Green Bear Relays.
Danbury, Emmanuel Christian, Evergreen, Gibsonburg, Cardinal Stritch, Maumee Valley Country Day, Northwood and Summerfield, Mich., will also take part in the meet.
Field events will begin at 4 p.m. with running events at 4:15 p.m. Admission is $6 for adults and $5 for students.

Clay Eagle Invitational
Liberty-Benton will complete at tonight’s Oregon Clay Eagle Invitational.
Other teams scheduled to compete include Amherst Steele, Anthony Wayne, Sylvania Northview, Sylvania Southview, Toledo St. Francis, Toledo St. Ursula and Toledo Whitmer.
Field events begin at 4 p.m. with running event semifinals at 4:30 p.m. Finals are set for 6 p.m.

Jim Hauser Relays
Sandusky Perkins will host seven other schools, including Fostoria, tonight for the Jim Hauser Pirate Relays.
Field events start at 4:15 p.m. followed by the 6,400 relay at 4:45 p.m. and rest of the running events at 6 p.m.
Medina Buckeye, Clyde, Avon Lake, Bowling Green, Sandusky and Willard make up the rest of the field.

Saturday Meets
There’s a light Saturday schedule as Vanlue, Cory-Rawson, Hardin Northern, Bluffton, Mohawk and Carey compete at the Ada Invitational beginning at 9 a.m.; and Patrick Henry heads to Montpelier’s Lamberson Invitational at 10 a.m.

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Bluffton's Lauren Parkins (left) and Taylor Monday exchange high fives after Parkins caught an infield fly ball Thursday night during the Pirates' 2-0 win against Paulding.  (Photo by Kent Tarbox)

Bluffton’s Lauren Parkins (left) and Taylor Monday exchange high fives after Parkins caught an infield fly ball Thursday night during the Pirates’ 2-0 win against Paulding. (Photo by Kent Tarbox)

BLUFFTON — Sami Fruchey tossed a three-hitter in seven innings of work to complete her second straight shutout in the circle in Bluffton’s 2-0 win against Paulding in Northwest Conference action on Thursday.
Olivia Hunt’s third-inning triple plated one of the Pirates’ (10-3, 5-2 NWC) two runs.
Paulding (4-10, 3-5) got a single from Morgan Riley.

Paulding 000 000 0 — 0 3 1
Bluffton 001 001 x — 2 5 0
WP — Fruchey (9-3). LP — Farr. top hitters: (Blu) Hunt 3B, RBI.
records: Paulding 4-10 overall, 3-5 Northwest Conference; Bluffton 10-3, 5-2.
OLD FORT — Shayna Helms and Erin Helms combined for three singles, a triple and three RBIs as Arlington scored five runs in the sixth inning to defeat Old Fort 7-5 in a nonleague softball game.
Dani Heaster singled twice and drove in a run as well for Arlington (15-4), which converted two double plays to end the bottom of the fifth and sixth innings.
Krista Ward and Michaela Davidson each doubled, singled and drove in a run to lead Old Fort (10-8).

Arlington 000 025 0 — 7 10 2
Old Fort 000 112 1 — 5 12 1
WP — Myers (1-0). LP — Pence. top hitters: (Arl) S. Helms 3B, 1B, RBI; E. Helms 2-1B, 2 RBI; Heaster 2-1B, RBI. (OF) Ward & Davidson 2B, 1B, RBI; P. Miller 2-1B
records: Arlington 15-4, Old Fort 10-8.
PANDORA — Pandora-Gilboa broke a scoreless game open with seven runs in the bottom of the fourth inning and rolled past Ottoville 10-0 in a five-inning Putnam County League contest.
Brittany Riegle doubled and drove in two runs, Megan Maag added a single and an RBI, while Jenna Sigler and Shana Hovest each notched a double for the Rockets (5-10, 2-2 PCL).
Nikki Burgei singled to record the only hit for Ottoville (1-11, 0-3).

Ottoville 000 00 — 0 1 2
Pandora-Gilboa 000 73 — 10 6 1
WP — Maag (5-10). LP — Von Sossan. top hitters: (P-G) Reigle 2B, 2 RBI; Maag 1B, RBI; Sigler 2B; Hovest 2B.
records: Ottoville 1-11 overall, 0-3 Putnam County League; Pandora-Gilboa 5-10 overall, 2-2 Putnam County League.
TOLEDO — St. Ursula tallied 11 hits and scored in every inning except the fifth in an 11-5 Three Rivers Athletic Conference victory against Findlay on Thursday.
Kirstin Webb had a pair of singles and three RBIs for the Arrows (10-8, 6-5 TRAC).
Mariah Nill doubled and drove in two runs for Findlay (6-18, 4-7).

Findlay 021 000 2 — 5 8 3
St. Ursula 121 302 2 — 11 11 2
WP — Ott. LP — Bowling (4-16). top hitters: (Fin) Nill 2B, 2 RBI. (SUA) Webb 2-1B, 3 RBI.
records: Findlay 6-18 overall, 4-7 Three Rivers Athletic Conference; St. Ursula 10-8 overall, 6-5 Three Rivers Athletic Conference.
CONTINENTAL — Continental hammered out 20 hits and scored one run in the bottom of the seventh to edge Kalida 17-16 in a Putnam County League matchup.
Emily Logan singled three times and drove in two runs, Erica Fitzwater added a triple, two singles and two RBIs, while Alex Quigley and Amelia Weller each tallied four singles for Continental (6-8, 2-1 PCL).
Laine Laudick notched five singles, Casey Wehri added a pair of singles and Sarah Hovest hit a double for Kalida (4-12, 1-4).

Kalida 161 602 0 — 16 13 5
Continental 343 042 1 — 17 20 6
WP — Recker. LP — Nagy. top hitters: (Kal) Laudick 5-1B; Hovest 2B; Wehri 2-1B. (Cont) Quiqley 4-1B; Fitzwater 2-1B, 3B, 2 RBI; Scott 3-1B; Logan 3-1B, 2 RBI; Weller 4-1B.
records: Kalida 4-12 overall, 1-4 Putnam County League; Continental 6-8 overall, 2-1 Putnam County League.
DEFIANCE — Natalie Herder singled twice and drove in two runs while earning the win in the circle as Patrick Henry knocked off Ayersville 4-1 in nonleague softball action.
Patrick Henry improved to 17-3 on the season.

Patrick Henry 011 100 1 — 4 3 1
Ayersville 010 000 0 — 1 5 1
WP — Herder (1-0). top hitters: (PH) Herder 2-1B, 2 RBI. (Ayers) Carnahan 2B.
records: Patrick Henry 17-3.
CAREY — Fremont Ross jumped out to a 2-0 lead, but it was all Carey after that as the Blue Devils won 9-2 in a nonconference softball game on Thursday.
Abby Hall tripled, singled and drove in a run for Carey (12-6), and Makenzie Wentling ripped two singles and had two RBIs. Dani Berardinelli-Clark picked up her first win of the season, allowing an earned run on two hits in seven innings while walking 10 batters and striking out six.

Fremont Ross 110 000 0 — 2 2 2
Carey 030 321 x — 9 10 3
WP — Berardinelli-Clark (1-0). LP — Swaisgood. top hitters: (FR) Swaisgood 2-1B. (Car) Hall 3B, 1B, RBI; Schlack 2B, 1B, RBI; Wentling 2-1B, 2 RBI; Draper 2-1B; Fletcher 1B, 2 RBI.
records: Fremont Ross 5-16, Carey 12-6.
NORTH BALTIMORE — Bailey Boyer led North Baltimore’s hit parade Thursday as the Tigers downed Liberty Center 9-1 in a nonconference softball game.
Boyer had three singles, Hanna Brian 2 singles and an RBI, and Kelcie Bean two singes as North Baltimore improved to 7-11. Bean picked up the win in the circle.
Lexie Noll singled and tripled for Liberty Center (2-17).

Liberty Center 000 000 1 — 1 5 3
North Baltimore 020 412 x — 9 12 1
WP — Bean (3-7). LP — Noll. top hitters: (LC) Gilson 2-1B; Noll 1B, 3B. (NB) Brian 2-1B, RBI; Boyer 3-1B; Bean 2-1B.
records: Liberty Center 2-17, North Baltimore 7-11.
HOLGATE — Tiffany Welty smacked a two-run, eighth-inning single Thursday as Miller City rallied from an early 4-0 deficit to defeat Holgate 8-6 in a nonconference softball game.
Welty also doubled and had four RBIs on the day. Cassie Niese had three singles and an RBI, and winning pitcher Kylee Ricker doubled and drove in a run for Miller City (9-6).
Salina Gray, Sarah Niese and Natalie Kelly each had two hits for Holgate (3-9).

Miller City 011 013 02 — 8 8 2
Holgate 400 011 00 — 6 13 3
WP — Ricker (3-2). LP — Howe. top hitters: (MC) Niese 3-1B, RBI; Welty 2-1B, 2B, 4-RBI; Ricker 2B, RBI. (Hol) Kelly 2-1B, RBI; Gray 2-1B, RBI; Niese 2-1B, RBI.
records: Miller City 9-6, Holgate 3-9.
NORTH ROBINSON — Taylor Farmer allowed three runs on eight hits, while striking out 10 and walking two in seven innings as Riverdale topped Colonel Crawford 12-3 in North Central Conference play.
Aricka Hill tripled, doubled and drove in three runs, Hannah Morris singled twice and had two RBIs and Jordyn Wright added three singles and an RBI for the Falcons (12-9, 5-6 NCC).
Bri Rankins and Courtney Tinkey had two hits each for Colonel Crawford (6-12, 2-8).

Riverdale 302 004 3 — 12 9 0
Colonel Crawford 020 001 0 — 3 8 1
WP — Farmer. LP — Widman. top hitters: (Riv) Morris 2-1B, 2 RBI; Wright 3-1B, RBI; Hill 2B, 3B, 3 RBI. (CC) Rankins 2-1B; Tinkey 2-1B.
records: Riverdale 12-9 overall, 5-6 North Central Conference; Colonel Crawford 6-12 overall, 2-8 North Central Conference.
COLUMBUS GROVE — Columbus Grove kept its hopes of a share of the Northwest Conference title with a 7-6 NWC softball victory over Lincolnview on Thursday.
The win gives the Bulldogs (12-7) a 6-1 mark in the NWC. Convoy Crestview sits in first with a 7-0 league mark.
Hope Schroeder homered for Grove in Thursday’s win. Deanna Kleman and Micah Stechschulte each had two hits.

Lincolnview 004 001 1 — 6 8 3
Columbus Grove 000 140 2 — 7 8 1
WP — G. Schroeder (1-4). LP — McClure. top hitters: (Lin) Springer 1B, 2B; Ashbaugh 2B. (CG) H. Schroeder Hr; Kleman 2-1B; M. Stechschulte 2-1B.
records: Lincolnview 11-11, 5-3 Northwest Conference; Columbus Grove 12-7, 6-1 NWC.
ADA — Ada plated four runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to hold off Delphos Jefferson 7-4 and earn its first Northwest Conference win of the season.
Tori Wyss came through with a double, a single and three RBIs, Ashley Summer had a double and drove in a run and Quinn High notched a pair of singles for Ada (11-7, 1-7 NWC).
Shayla Rice recorded a double, a single and an RBI and Samantha Branham tallied a double and an RBI for Jefferson (2-15, 0-8).

Jefferson 000 040 0 — 4 4 6
Ada 001 204 x — 7 6 6
WP — Sumner. LP — Thompson. top hitters: (DJ) Thompson 2-1B; Rice 1B, 2B, RBI; Branham 2B, RBI. (Ada) High 2-1B; Sumner 2B, RBI; Wyss 1B, 2B, 3 RBI.
records: Delphos Jefferson 2-15 overall, 0-8 Northwest Conference; Ada 11-7 overall, 1-7 Northwest Conference.
KANSAS — Morgan Gangwer drilled three singles and drove in a run while picking up the win in the circle as Lakota scored five unearned runs to beat Van Buren 5-1 in nonleague softball action on Thursday.
Lakota (14-6) scored three runs in the third inning to break a 1-1 tie.
Nichole Miller had three singles for Van Buren (10-12), which had five errors.

Van Buren 100 000 0 — 1 4 5
Lakota 103 100 0 — 5 9 0
WP — Gangwer. LP — Miller. top hitters: (VB) Miller 3-1B. (Lak) Gangwer 3-1B, RBI.
records: Van Buren 10-12, Lakota 14-6.
Michelle Sdao homered and drove in runs as Ottawa-Glandorf beat Liberty-Benton 13-3 in five innings Thursday in nonconference softball.
Sdao finished 3 for 3 including a double, and Stephanie Hempfling went 2 for 4 for Ottawa-Glandorf (14-3), which also took advantage of four L-B errors.
Katie Devore was 2 for 2 with a double for Liberty-Benton (7-11).

Ottawa Glandorf 330 43 — 13 11 1
Liberty-Benton 000 03 — 3 6 4
WP — Kitchen 3-2 (kramer). LP — Katie Roberts. top hitters: (O-G) Sdao 3-3, HR, 2B, 3RBI; Hempfling 2-4. (L-B) Hannah Brown 1-1; Katie Devore 2-2, 2B.
records: Ottawa-Glandorf 14-3. Liberty-Benton 7-11.
TIFFIN — Brittany DuMonte belted a home run, two singles and drove in three runs as Tiffin Columbian knocked off Hopewell-Loudon 12-7 in nonconference softball action on Thursday.
Ronnie Daughenbaugh also had three hits, all singles, for Tiffin Columbian, which scored four runs in the sixth to extend its’ lead to 12-5.
Gabby Gregg hit three singles for Hopewell-Loudon (2-16), and Abby Park had doubled, singled and drove in a run.

Hopewell-Loudon 000 500 2 — 7 13 5
Tiffin Columbian 105 204 x — 12 11 2
WP — Schalk. LP — Coppus (1-11). top hitters: (H-L) Park 2B, 1B, RBI; Gregg 3-1B; Sauber 2-1B. (TC) DuMonte HR, 2-1B, 3 RBI; Daughenbaugh 3-1B; Shope 2B, 1B, RBI.
records: Hopewell-Loudon 2-16.
TIFFIN — Fostoria scored six runs in a three-inning stretch and capitalized on six Tiffin Calvert errors to earn an 8-4 nonconference victory on Thursday.
Breanna Biles doubled and drove in a run, Alex Hersch added two singles and an RBI and Jada Hampton recorded a single and an RBI for Fostoria (5-13).
Allison Huss hit a double and drove in three runs and Taylor Ritzler tallied three singles for Calvert (7-7).

Fostoria 200 123 0 — 8 5 2
Calvert 300 010 0 — 4 7 6
WP — Moore. LP — Bennett. top hitters: (Fos) Gonyer 2B; Biles 2B, RBI; Hersch 2-1B; Hampton 1B, RBI. (TC) Ritzler 3-1B; Brickner 2-1B; Huss 2B, 3 RBI.
records: Fostoria 5-13; Tiffin Calvert 7-7.

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RICHARD CLARK JR., at left, weeps Wednesday during his sentencing in Wyandot County Common Pleas Court. Clark, 65, will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing two people last year at the Carey Conservation Club.  (Photo by Matthias Leguire)

RICHARD CLARK JR., at left, weeps Wednesday during his sentencing in Wyandot County Common Pleas Court. Clark, 65, will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing two people last year at the Carey Conservation Club. (Photo by Matthias Leguire)

staff writer
UPPER SANDUSKY — Richard Clark Jr. will serve life in prison for a shooting spree last year that killed two people and terrorized several others inside a Carey clubhouse.
The 65-year-old rural Tiffin man, weeping at times, was sentenced Wednesday in Wyandot County Common Pleas Court for two counts of aggravated murder.
Clark killed former girlfriend Cynthia Hawkinberry and her friend, Roger Fredritz, on Nov. 1.
Prosecutors on Wednesday outlined an 11-minute period, starting with the moment Clark entered the Carey Conservation and Sportsman’s Association clubhouse, and ending with his arrest following the shootings.
Surveillance footage showed Clark briefly speaking with Fredritz, 49, of rural Carey, and Hawkinberry, 49, of rural Tiffin, at about 9:20 p.m. He departed and returned moments later with a .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun.
He shot both Fredritz and Hawkinberry multiple times, said William Latham, an investigator for the county prosecutor.
During the gunfire, Hawkinberry attempted to escape, and Clark dragged her back, Latham said. She tried to deflect his firearm as he pointed it toward a crowd of people, Latham said.
After the shootings, Clark called a relative and smoked a cigarette outside before his swift arrest, Latham said.
A twisted affection for Hawkinberry drove Clark’s actions, Prosecutor Jonathan Miller said.
“Your honor, this was not a crime of passion, this was a crime of possession,” Miller told Judge Kathleen Aubry.
Miller said Clark planned the crime and showed no genuine remorse afterward. Clark was found with 16 rounds of unused ammunition, he said.
Family members of Hawkinberry and Fredritz told the judge the two victims were loved, joyful and kind.
Clark repeatedly cried through the hearing and briefly apologized to those in attendance.
One of Clark’s supporters told the judge prior to sentencing that Clark was “over the moon” in love with Hawkinberry.
Clark led a law-abiding life prior to Nov. 1, said defense attorney Robert Grzybowski. Clark cannot explain his actions, but regrets using violence, Grzybowski said.
“He will always be judged by those actions, and he will always be accountable for those actions,” the defense attorney said.
Judge Aubry ordered Clark to serve life in prison for each murder count, without the possibility of parole.
She said Hawkinberry’s relatives had discouraged her relationship with Clark, and Clark had proved them right.
Clark is a “selfish, cowardly” person who executed a woman he claimed to care about, the judge said.
“Had the defendant ever really loved Cynthia, he could not have killed her,” Aubry said.
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TOLEDO — Findlay High School’s softball team scored in every inning but the fifth as the Trojans whipped Toledo Central Catholic in a Three Rivers Athletic Conference game on Wednesday.
Bree Snapp improved her record to 2-0 by pitching the Trojans (6-17 overall, 4-6 TRAC) to victory.
Brooke Brigadoi hammered a double and two singles driving in three runs and Taylor Steinke added a double with two singles and an RBI for Findlay.

Findlay 113 502 — 12 11 2 Toledo Central Catholic 001 010 — 2 7 4
WP — Snapp. LP — L. Best. top hitters: (Fin) Brigadoi 2-1B, 2B, 3 RBI; Steinke 2B, 2-1B, RBI.
records: Findlay 6-17 overall, 4-6 Three Rivers Athletic Conference; Toledo Central Catholic 5-12, 4-7.
Findlay falls to Faunce
TOLEDO — Toledo Central Catholic scored three first-inning runs with just two hits, then rode the strong pitching performance of Tristan Faunce to a 4-2 win over Findlay in a Three Rivers Athletic Conference game at Mercy Field on Wednesday.
Central Catholic had just one RBI single in the first inning. But the Irish benefited from a walk and an errant pickoff throw, and scored two runs on a double steal and a ground out. DeShone Kizer gave TCC (14-6, 7-2 TRAC) an insurance run in the sixth with an inside-the-park home run.
Nolan Rodman singled and later scored on Grant Akins’ ground out in the first inning. Findlay cut the deficit to 3-2 in the second on Michael Roche’s RBI single, but Faunce, a sophomore right-hander, shut the Trojans out the rest of the way.
Connor Curlis gave Findlay an excellent start as well. The junior left-hander allowed just three hits in seven innings, struck out six and walked three.
The loss snapped Findlay’s five-game TRAC winning streak and dropped the Trojans to 11-9 overall, 6-2 in the league.

Findlay 110 000 0 — 2 5 2
Tol. Central Catholic 300 001 x — 4 3 2
WP — Faunce. LP — Curlis. top hitters: (Fin) Roche 1B, RBI. (TCC) Kizer HR, RBI.
records: Findlay 11-9 overall, 6-2 TRAC; Toledo Central Catholic 14-6, 7-2 TRAC.
Tol. Central Catholic 000 003 0 — 3 5 0
Findlay JV 000 100 0 — 1 3 2
WP — Cleghorn. LP — Rinebolt. top hitters: (TCC) Trzeniczny 2-1B; Toland 2-1B, RBI; Thompson 1B, RBI. (Fin) Elchert HR, RBI.
records: Findlay JV 10-10 overall, 2-5 TRAC.

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