Brown Family / Facebook(FERGUSON, Mo.) — Lawyers for the family of Michael Brown announced on Thursday that they will file a civil suit for the teen’s death.

At a news conference, the attorneys for the Brown family confirmed that the city of Ferguson, Missouri and former police officer, Darren Wilson, would be named in the suit. They did not say when exactly the suit would be filed.

Brown was fatally shot by Wilson last August, sparking numerous protests in Ferguson.

“We believe that there were other alternatives available to him,” Daryl Parks, an attorney for Brown’s family, said of Wilson. “He did not have to kill Michael Brown.”

The news comes a day after the Department of Justice announced it would not be prosecuting Wilson for Brown’s death.

Attorney Anthony Gray, speaking on behalf of Brown’s family, said they “disagree with those findings.”

Brown’s parents, Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., attended the news conference but did not speak to reporters.

Also this week, the Department of Justice released a scathing report that found the Ferguson Police Department had a pattern and practice of discriminatory policing.

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ABC News(RALEIGH, N.C.) — Opening statements in the North Carolina trial of Jonathan Broyhill focused on the suspect’s mental state, with defense attorneys arguing Broyhill was only interested in killing himself, not his best friend’s wife, political strategist Jamie Hahn in April 2013.

“Something snapped…This case is a tragedy,” defense attorney Caroline Elliot told jurors Wednesday. “It is a tragedy commuted by a sick person who was ready to end his own life. There was never any premeditation.”

Hahn died after being stabbed 24 times inside her Raleigh home.

“Your hearts will break. She was young; 29,” prosecutor Doug Fawcett said Wednesday in court.

Hahn ran a successful political consulting company, working with former U.S. Congressman Brad Miller, D-N.C. Hahn hired Broyhill, her husband Nation’s best man at their wedding, to do accounting work.

But prosecutors say the relationship reportedly soured when Broyhill allegedly embezzled almost $50,000 from a campaign fund. The deadly attack happened after Hahn started asking questions about the financial irregularities.

Broyhill’s lawyers admitted in court Wednesday that their client stabbed Hahn, but they argue the stabbing wasn’t premeditated, that the only person he planned to injure was himself. The defense referred to a series of bizarre lies Broyhill told in the run-up to the murder — such as having MS or pancreatic cancer — that they say reflect Broyhill’s unraveling mental state.

“John was determined to take his own life,” Elliot said. “He had no motive to kill those he loved.”

The trial is expected to take up to three weeks.

Broyhill faces one charge of first-degree murder, two charges of attempted first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury.

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iStock/Thinkstock(UNIVERSITY PARK, Texas) — A Texas fraternity at Southern Methodist University was placed on indefinite suspension amid a neighbor’s claims that students have been harassing him for months, a fraternity official said.

Tim O’Connell said he and his wife have faced problems after complaining about the students’ noise. The couple’s security cameras appear to capture their neighbors urinating on their property, writing obscenities in the snow and throwing what’s believed to be raw meat into the O’Connell’s backyard.

“They told me they pay rent and they can do whatever they want,” O’Connell said.

Some of the students living in the Dallas house are members of Sigma Chi fraternity at Southern Methodist University. The fraternity’s national chapter announced an indefinite suspension of the SMU chapter because of the dispute.

“We do not condone or endorse the actions we have been made aware of,” Sigma Chi’s national chapter said in a statement to ABC News.

O’Connell’s neighbors have not commented, but the university said it is working with police to identify the students involved.

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ABC News(PHOENIX) — The jury could not reach an unanimous verdict in the sentencing of convicted killer Jodi Arias and the judge declared a mistrial.

The verdict, announced Thursday, comes after a second jury considered her case because the first jury, which convicted her of murder two years ago, could not agree on whether to sentence her to death.

Arias was found guilty in May 2013 for killing her on again-off again boyfriend Travis Alexander after a lengthy trial.

Her first case gained national attention as the testimony was live-streamed and she shared extensive, explicit details about her alleged sexual encounters with Alexander that led up to her stabbing him multiple times in the shower at his Arizona home in 2008.

The trial jury found her guilty of first-degree murder but deadlocked on whether to sentence her to life in prison or death.

A second jury, which was handed the case on Feb. 25, was called in for the penalty retrial with cameras prohibited after the spectacle of the first. The judge has ruled that the announcement of the decision will be televised, however.

Another difference from the first trial came in the form of Arias’ participation, or lack thereof. The now-34-year-old photographer testified for 18 days during the first trial but she never took the stand in her retrial.

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@KristinaGrossmann/Instagram(NEW YORK) — A plane skidded off a runway at New York’s LaGuardia Airport while trying to land during a winter storm Thursday, but initially there were no reports of injuries.

Delta Flight 1086, an MD-88 on a route from Atlanta to New York, skidded off runway 13, the Federal Aviation Administration reported.

This story is developing. Check back for updates…

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@oh2preshus/Twitter(ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky.) — Many Kentucky drivers on Wednesday spent the snowy evening in their cars, counting down 12 hours or more via Twitter and foraging for food, after two serious accidents on a major interstate.

The state police estimated the backup to be 20 miles long.

Because of a steep hill that police say is almost impossible to climb in the heavy snowstorm, the biggest backup is in the southbound lane of I-65, four miles north of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Another backup on northbound I-65, south of Elizabethtown, has been as long as 10 miles, according to police.

Kentucky State Police said Interstate 65 and Highway 71 were virtually shut down. The National Guard and Red Cross were called in to rescue motorists in Hardin County, ABC affiliate station WHAS-TV in Louisville reported.

Stranded drivers and passengers lamented about their predicament on social media. Some drivers left their cars to try to help shovel snow from around cars. They used hashtags like: #needrescue.

State police are offering driving tips to motorists, saying slippery roads were the contributing factor in 26,427 crashes last year.

Meanwhile, the governor declared a state of emergency, the second declaration in less than a month, which allows Kentucky to deploy National Guard troops, if necessary.

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FBI(BOSTON) — The defense team for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev made a stunning admission at the beginning of the accused Boston Marathon bomber’s trial Wednesday: “It was him.”

“We’re all going to come face to face with unbearable grief, loss and pain caused by a series of senseless, horribly misguided acts carried out by two brothers, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother, 19-year-old Dzhokhar,” defense attorney Judy Clarke told the court. “We do not and will not at any point in this case sidestep or attempt to sidestep Dzhokhar’s responsibility for his actions. We think the question of ‘why’ is important.”

Clarke said it was that facet, the motive behind the deadly bombing, where the defense disagrees with the prosecution. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Clarke said, was the one “who self-radicalized” and the defense plans to show evidence that Dzhokhar was “enlisted” by his older brother. The defense team gave a hint of a similar potential strategy a year ago when they filed motions to obtain information the attorneys believed would show that between the brothers, Tamerlan was an “all-powerful force who could not be ignored or disobeyed.”

Earlier the judge seemed to strike a blow to such a defense, telling the court that whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is more or less culpable than his late brother is not relevant.

Dzhokhar has pleaded not guilty to the 30 counts against him, including charges of using a “weapon of mass destruction resulting in death.” The most serious of the charges could put him on death row if he’s convicted.

The trial comes just under two years after twin explosions ripped through the crowd near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April 2013, killing three people – including an eight-year-old boy – and injuring some 260 others. More than a dozen of those injured lost limbs.

Prosecutors say Dzhokhar and his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev were responsible for the death and destruction, and that the two were photographed dropping backpacks holding the bombs before the blasts. The city of Boston was paralyzed for days during an intense manhunt, during which the pair allegedly gunned down an MIT police officer.

Tamerlan was eventually killed in a shootout with police days after the attack in the Boston suburb of Watertown.

Dzhokhar was caught hours after that shootout, bloody and hiding in a dry-docked boat. While hiding, Tsarnaev penned an anti-American missive on the wall of the boat, saying, “The U.S. government is killing our innocent civilians, but most of you already know that.”

“We Muslims are one body. You kill one of us, you hurt [unintelligible] us all,” another section of the note read.

After opening statements, the prosecution will immediately force jurors to relive the emotional pain of the marathon attack. The first three dozen witnesses are expected to be bombing victims: amputees and others who were maimed along with the father of Martin Richard, the eight-year-old killed when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly planted a backpack containing a pressure cooker bomb at the boy’s feet. Their testimony will be followed by others impacted by the blasts, including Marathon organizers and business owners along Boylston Street where the finish line was.

While prosecutors focus today on Dzhokhar, authorities told ABC News they’re also investigating whether Tamerlan’s wife, Katherine Russell, knew of the deadly plot beforehand.

Russell is suspected of being the woman who accompanied Tsarnaev to a Macy’s in Boston two months before the April 2013 attack where the couple bought five pressure cookers – two of which were allegedly used to make the bombs placed at the marathon finish line. In an affidavit to search the Tsarnaev’s home, FBI agents said they were looking for clothing consistent with those seen on a security video at Macy’s.

Both lawyers for Russell and federal prosecutors declined to answer ABC News questions about Russell’s status, but a senior law enforcement official said she could face charges of misprision of a felony, or failing to notify authorities of a crime about to happen.

Days after Tamerlan was identified as one of the suspected bombers, Russell’s attorney, released a statement saying Russell was assisting the investigation into the bombing and was not aware of the plot beforehand.

“As a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, Katie deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims, students, law enforcement officers, families and our community,” the attorney, Miriam Weizenbaum, said then.

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iStockPhoto/Thinkstock(ANAHEIM, Calif.) — Anaheim Ducks forward Tim Jackman will miss the next four to six weeks due to a lower-body injury.

The 33-year-old Jackman was injured in the team’s win Sunday over Dallas when he collided with Stars’ winger Ales Hemsky.

Just last month, Jackman agreed to a one-year, $700,000 contract extension.

In 53 games this season, the 6-foot-2, 225 pound Jackman has five goals and two assists.

“We’re noted for (being) a big, strong, heavy team,” Anaheim head coach Bruce Boudreau said. “You lose Matt Beleskey for a period, you lose Tim Jackman for a period, but we’ll have to overcome. Everybody’s got injuries.”

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George Frey/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Major League Soccer and the MLS Players Union reached an agreement in principle on a new collective bargaining agreement, according to

The deal is reached just days before the 2015 regular season is set to start on Friday.

The two sides have been negotiating since last December. One of the main issues surrounded having a limited version of free agency, which has never existed in the league.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the new CBA is a five-year deal that creates free agency for players 28 years of age or older with at least eight years of experience.

MLS and the MLSPU negotiated from Tuesday until around six o’clock Wednesday morning.

The season kicks off Friday when the reigning champions, the Los Angeles Galaxy, host the Chicago Fire.

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Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images(FORT MYERS, Fla.) — Boston Red Sox outfielder Rusney Castillo is out indefinitely after an MRI revealed the 27-year-old Cuban had a strained left oblique muscle.

“He’s going to be down for some time,” Red Sox skipper John Farrell said. “I don’t have a time frame to give you or projected length, but he’s going through some treatment to calm down the strain right now, and he’ll do rotational exercises and rehab when he’s ready for it.”

Castillo, who signed a six-year, $72.5 million deal with Boston last August, was competing with youngsters Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr. for the starting center field job.

Castillo said the injury will not stop him from being ready for the start of the regular season, but Farrell noted that oblique injuries are tricky.

“There’s caution to the progression, there’s no doubt,” Farrell said. “(Pain) tolerance, for one. How aggressive you become to build that back. We just want to be careful of a setback, because everything is rotational in this game.”

Castillo played in 10 games for Boston last season, hitting .333 with two home runs, six RBIs, and three stolen bases.

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