iStock/Thinkstock(TAMPA, Fla.) — A Florida police dispatcher will be disciplined for not offering help to a frantic mother whose toddler son had locked himself inside her broiling car, officials said on Tuesday.

Shana Dees had just left a Tampa drug store on Saturday when she strapped her 10-month-old son in the backseat of the car and shut the door, she told WFTS, ABC’s Tampa Bay affiliate. She quickly realized baby Jack, who often plays with her keys, had them in his hands – but it was too late. He hit a button that locked the doors, trapping himself inside the car on a day the temperature reached 95 degrees.

Dees, whose purse was also locked inside the car, used a stranger’s cell phone to call 911, she said.

“Can somebody come out and open the door? I don’t even know if that is something you guys do,” she says in the 911 recording, obtained by ABC News.

The dispatcher wasn’t very helpful.

“They won’t be able to try to gain access [to the] car unless the child is in some kind of distress, and, well, by that point they may just smash your windows.”

Dees watched as her son turned red and began to sweat, she told WFTS.

The Tampa Police Department says the dispatcher handled the situation poorly.

“He is going to be disciplined,” Andrea Davis, a police spokesperson, told ABC News. “He should have been more aggressive and asked location.”

Davis pointed out that the dispatcher did not refuse to send an officer to the scene. Dees ended the call, she said.

Eight minutes later, an off-duty police officer noticed Dees panicking and called 911 again, according to the local report.

He explained that Dees was told police wouldn’t help, and a dispatcher told him that information was wrong and that police would help, according to a recording of that phone call.

Another bystander eventually helped Dees break the window and free Jack.

The police department says the investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, the dispatcher is on administrative duty instead of answering 911 calls, Davis said.

An average of 38 children die in hot cars every year, according to

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iStock/Thinkstock(BOSTON) — The family of a U.S. Marine, who was killed in Afghanistan last year, is heartbroken after a thief stole the only remaining memento he had with him when he was killed: a poem.

Lance Cpl. Matthew Rodriguez, of Fairhaven, Mass., was deployed to Afghanistan last fall and was killed by an IED in December, just two and a half months after he got there, his mother Lisa Rodriguez told ABC News on Tuesday.

On his person when he was killed was a laminated poem his fiance, Julia Tapper, had written to him.

The poem vanished when Tapper’s purse was stolen Sunday in New Bedford.

“The first thing you think of is your checkbook and that type of thing, but then the things you can’t replace which, two of the most important things were a poem she had written to him that he had laminated and carried with him and it was on him when he was killed in Afghanistan, and his iPhone. Unfortunately we had not backed up all his photos and music, his messages to her, all those things that aren’t useful to anyone else, but are very meaningful to her and us,” Rodriguez said Tuesday.

Tapper told ABC News affiliate WCVB in Boston that the poem was the single thing that still connects her most to Rodriguez.

“That’s what he had when he was leaving. It connects me the most to him and makes me smile for him and me,” Tapper told WCVB.”He would say that poem was encouraging and positive, and that’s what he was.”

“He kept it with him and read it, it gave him confidence and comfort,” Rodriguez said. “I can’t believe somebody would do that in the middle of the day.”

The family is hoping that someone will find the poem and return it to them.

“When they’re deployed out on omissions, and he was a combat engineer, you can’t carry stuff with you, it all stays back at base and there are only a few things you have on your person. He had four or five items on his person and those things are precious,” Rodriguez said.

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iStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) — A $22 product designed to protect the most sacred of things when flying –- personal space -– led to an unscheduled landing in Chicago during a flight from Newark to Denver.

Two passengers aboard the diverted United Airlines flight got into a heated argument Sunday after a male passenger used the product, the Knee Defender, to prevent the woman in the row in front from reclining her seat.

The man, who was not identified, placed the Knee Defender’s brackets on his tray table attached to the back of the seat in front of him, 11B.

The woman seated in 11B became angry when she couldn’t recline her seat and reportedly threw a cup of water in the man’s face.

Both passengers were seated in United’s Economy Plus section, which gives you extra legroom for an extra fee.

A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed to ABC News the flight was diverted due to the argument and that both passengers were removed from the plane and not allowed to reboard when the plane continued to Denver.

Neither of the passengers was arrested, airport and law enforcement officials with knowledge of the incident confirmed to ABC News.

The man who invented the Knee Defender, Ira Goldman, says that he created the device for exactly the opposite reason of what happened on the United flight.

“Knee Defenders aren’t about getting more space,” Goldman told ABC News. “They’re about stopping something from moving and hitting you.”

“It starts the conversation before there’s a problem,” he said. “This has been on a market for 11 years next month. [It's] never happened before.”

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iStock/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) — A United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Denver was diverted to Chicago on Sunday after two passengers fought over a seat recliner.

A man in a middle seat in Economy Plus put a device called a Knee Defender — that prevents the seat in front from reclining — on his tray table.

The device angered the woman in front of him, and when the two began arguing, she allegedly threw a cup of water in his face.

The two passengers were removed from the plane in Chicago before the flight continued to Denver. No arrests were made.

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iStock/Thinkstock(TAMPA, Fla.) — The Tampa Police Department says it is investigating the actions of a dispatcher who reportedly refused to send first responders to free an infant locked in a hot car.

Shana Dees says her son unwittingly locked the car doors while she was grabbing a shopping cart.

“The scariest part was watching him change and get obviously much, much hotter,” Dees said.

A good Samaritan with a wrench finally broke a car window to free the ten-month-old little boy, after two 911 calls and more than ten minutes of waiting.

Laura McElroy, spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department, said, “The dispatcher absolutely made a mistake. This is not the way we do business.”

Dees says she’s grateful for the real first responders that day.

“I’d like to say thank you to them, to the man that let me use his phone, to the retired officer that was able to get the police out there,” she said.

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Patrick Smith/Getty Images(BALTIMORE) — Delmon Young, J.J. Hardy and Chris Young all hit home runs in consecutive at-bats in the fifth, capping off a five homer night for Baltimore. The Orioles (74-55) defeated Tampa Bay 9-1 in the first game of a three-game set with the Rays (64-67).

Baltimore had lost three games in a row, being swept by the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field over the weekend.

They rebounded with a dominant effort against rookie Jake Odrizzi. Nick Markakis and Steve Pearce went back-to-back in the third inning, starting the onslaught. All nine of Baltimore’s runs came via the long ball and came after Tampa Bay took a 1-0 lead in the third.

With all the offense, Adam Jones’ brilliant centerfield play almost went overlooked. The Orioles center fielder robbed Evan Longoria of a homer in the sixth with a leaping catch at the wall. Jones then fired the ball to second base and threw out Matt Joyce.

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National Football League(ENGLEWOOD, Colo.) — One day after being suspended by the NFL for violating it’s substance abuse policy, Denver Broncos kicker Matt Prater apologized to his friends, teammates, and fans.

“I’m definitely going to make some changes in my life,” Prater said following Monday’s practice. “Not drink at all or risk doing anything stupid like that [and] keep myself out of certain situations like not go to places where people are drinking.”

“Now I’m going to dedicate myself to working out and getting stronger in the time I have off,” he continued. “I’ll come in here and be here five days a week hitting the weights and I’ll have to kick at a high school field.”

The violation, which is alcohol-related, could have earned Prater a year-long suspension, but it was reduced to just four games. Because of a bye week in Week 4 for Denver, Prater will not be able to compete until a Week 6 matchup with the New York Jets on October 12.

Prater will be allowed to attend team functions and use the weight room, but cannot be on the field or sidelines with the team during his suspension.

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images(TORONTO) — After Koji Uehara blew another save, Yoenis Cespedes picked up his teammate with a go-ahead RBI single in the top of the tenth inning to give Boston a 4-3 win over Toronto. The win snapped an eight game losing streak for the Red Sox (57-74).

“Cespy has been so good since coming over to us,” manager John Farrell said. “Whether it’s been with a base hit or a long ball, he’s been big for us late in games.”

Cespedes’ RBI was his 19th in a Red Sox uniform, seven of which have been to put Boston ahead. Uehara (6-4) got the win despite blowing his fourth save in 30 opportunities. Craig Breslow pitched a scoreless bottom of the tenth for his first save of the season.

Boston built up a 3-0 lead in the fifth on a solo homer from Mookie Betts before a two-run shot from Dustin Pedroia. That advantage was carried into the ninth before the Blue Jays (66-65) rallied to force extras.

Jose Reyes scored on a fielder’s choice to start the comeback before Edwin Encarnacion doubled home a pair, knotting things up at 3-3. Brock Holt then singled off Aaron Sanchez (2-1) to open up the tenth and later stole second and third base, setting up the go-ahead run.

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NFL Shield(ASHBURN, Va.) — Washington Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather was suspended for the first two games of the season by the NFL on Monday.

The punishment comes after another helmet-to-helmet hit from Meriweather on Baltimore’s Torrey Smith over the weekend.

“Meriweather delivered a forceful blow to the head and neck area of a defenseless receiver with no attempt to wrap up or make a conventional tackle of this player,” said NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent in a statement.

Meriweather said after the game on Saturday that he did not believe there was anything wrong with the hit on Smith.

“I’m trying to do what the NFL asked me after going through the offseason, and working on the things I need to work on, and the first chance I get, it seems like I failed,” he said.

Meriweather has been fined five different times by the league over the course of his career, including a $42,000 fine for a hit on Packers running back Eddie Lacy in 2013. The safety was also suspended two games last year, but had it reduced to one game following an appeal.

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Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR(NEW YORK) — Matt Kenseth led 62 laps at Bristol Motor Speedway before falling short of a checkered flag on Saturday night.

The 2003 Sprint Cup champion has nine top-five finishes this season and could get into the chase for the championship without a win, but first he has to get past Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend.

“It’s been up and down,” Kenseth told ABC Sports Radio on Tuesday. “It’s a track that I really like; we haven’t been able to win there yet. Kyle [Busch] won there last year, so hopefully I can pick his brain a little bit and figure out how to have a shot this year.”

Kenseth, who has yet to have a win this season in the new NASCAR format, had a season-high seven victories last season and has confidence in his Joe Gibbs Racing team.

“We have been caught up in a lot of accidents, other people’s problems” Kenseth said. “Some of them I created myself, but got up in a lot of different accidents that typically we don’t get caught up in. Certainly that’s hurt us in the points standings and taken us out of a few races. Without those races, I feel like we’ve been pretty consistent.”

Kenseth, who was bullied in high school, is the co-author of a new children’s book, with his wife, Katie, Race Against Bullying that can be purchased on

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