Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Fireworks won’t fly this Fourth of July, or any other day for that matter. To avoid having them confiscated, leave the fireworks at home, the Transportation Security Administration says.

“Fireworks and firecrackers are explosive and flammable, so in an effort to keep the skies safe, fireworks are prohibited from being transported in both carry-on and checked bags,” the TSA wrote on its blog. “TSA is responsible for enforcing this FAA rule by intercepting these items during screening.”

Aerial repeater fireworks, aerial shell fireworks, firecrackers, flying spinners, chasers, fountains, bottle rockets, ground spinners, parachute fireworks, poppers, snaps, skyrockets, missiles, roman candles, smoke fireworks, snakes, strobes, sparklers, wheels and anything else firework-related is not permitted on a commercial aircraft in checked or carry-on luggage.

Hot dogs, and other solid food items, can travel in your carry-on bags. Liquid food items — like your special BBQ sauce — have to be checked.

Have a question about what flies with the TSA? Check out the agency’s handy “Can I bring my . . .” tool. You can also tweet the TSA your questions @AskTSA 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET, weekdays; 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., weekends and holidays.

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iStock/Thinkstock(MADISON, Wis.) — A jury acquitted a mother from Wisconsin of charges that she used her cellphone seconds before a fatal car crash involving three children.

Kari Jo Milberg was charged with three counts of felony homicide by negligent operation of a motor vehicle, as well as a misdemeanor count of reckless driving. The crash occurred on Wisconsin Highway 35 in December 2013.

The 35-year-old mother was driving her car when she drove into the path of a truck, resulting in a crash that killed her 11-year-old daughter, Lydia, as well as 5-year-old Clara, the daughter of her sister, Kati, and 4 1/2-year-old Laynie, the daughter of Milberg’s other sister, Kassi. Milberg’s then 3-year-old son survived the crash.

Milberg claimed she lost control of the car because of slippery snow-covered roads and unsafe tires. The prosecution alleged Milberg was on her cellphone using Facebook messaging moments before the fatal collision.

In court, prosecutors said they found Facebook messages on Milberg’s phone between her and a childhood friend about meeting for lunch. The phone was found by investigator Aaron Hansen four months after the crash.

Prosecutors presented a string of messages between Milberg and Jason McKenzie. The final exchange between the two friends was: “Takes a lot to get me nervous,” McKenzie wrote. Milberg replied, “I am 2! Kinda bad!”

Prosecutors asserted Milberg’s message was sent less than 30 seconds before the crash.

Hansen testified that he discovered a Facebook message typed but not sent when he examined Milberg’s phone. “It appeared something was written in the composition line, but I couldn’t make out what it was,” he told the court.

McKenzie also took the stand and claimed he did not remember texting with Milberg on the day of the crash.

Milberg claimed in court she lost all memory of the accident and defense attorney Aaron Nelson reiterated her claims during cross examination that the snowy conditions and unsafe tires were to blame for Milberg’s losing control of the car.

After nearly two hours of deliberations, the jury acquitted Milberg of all charges.

Milberg did not speak publicly after the jury’s decision. Her sister, Kati Marie Milberg-Pavek, who lost her daughter in the crash, told ABC News she was “relieved.”

“I’m relived, I’m breathing full breaths of air again. I love Clara, Lydia and Laynie with every fiber in my body,” she said in a statement.

Pierce County District Attorney Sean Froelich said after the decision: “I respect the jury’s verdict in this particular case. Regardless of the outcome it doesn’t change the fact that three children lost their lives in this crash.”

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Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) — The Zika virus is a topic of concern with athletes heading to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in August.

ABC News spoke to Winter Olympics gold medalist Lindsey Vonn on Wednesday and got her take on the issue.

“There’s historically been a lot of controversy around a number of Olympics, but this affects the athletes to a level we haven’t seen before,” she said. “If I were competing, I’d probably still go down there.”

But Vonn will not be competing until 2018, and thus “as a spectator, I’ve decided not to go down there … but I’ll be watching on my couch … enjoying it nonetheless.”

The virus has been known to cause a birth defect in some babies born to infected mothers, according to a Brazilian Ministry of Health report earlier this month. Some worried athletes have dropped out of the games, including Australian golfer Marc Leishman and cyclist Tejay van Garderen. George Boville, an Olympic bronze medalist swimmer for Trinidad and Tobago, also told ABC News in February that the virus “is definitely a concern.”

For her part, Vonn acknowledged how tough it is for the athletes to decide whether to attend the games.

“You work your whole life for” these games, she said. “It’s a really difficult decision for these athletes to make, go down there or not.”

Vonn herself is promoting the games in a roundabout way, working with Team USA sponsor Reese’s for its “Do Summer Like a Winter Olympian” campaign.

U.S. Olympic Committee officials told ABC News earlier this year that their focus is to educate and alert the country’s athletes with advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We’re taking steps to ensure that our delegation and those affiliated with Team USA are aware of the CDC’s recommendations regarding travel to Brazil,” USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky told ABC News in February.

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Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — When it comes to Independence Day celebrations, getting there can be half the battle.

There will be almost 11 million air travelers this July 4 weekend, based off scheduled seats, according to travel website Hopper. With so many people taking advantage of the long weekend, travelers should brace themselves for crowded terminals.

The busiest airport this holiday weekend will be Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with over 600,000 passengers expected to pass through, though many of those passengers will be in transit to their final destination, Hopper found.

And even though New York topped the list of most popular destinations, there will be more locals flying out than visitors flying in. Surprisingly, New York came in fourth place on the list of top 10 busiest airports.

Here’s the full rundown of busiest airports this weekend:

1. Atlanta (ATL)

2. Los Angeles (LAX)

3. Chicago (ORD)

4. New York City (JFK)

5. Dallas (DFW)

6. San Francisco (SFO)

7. Denver (DEN)

8. Seattle (SEA)

9. Charlotte (CLT)

10. Las Vegas (LAS)

Hopper was also able to determine that Friday will be the busiest day this weekend to travel, with 3.1 million seats scheduled. And though it depends on the airport, travelers can expect the longest lines around 10:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m.

With these tips in your back pocket, plan accordingly to beat the crowds and arrive at your gate in time.

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Rich Arden / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) — The Memphis Grizzlies are confident they can keep Mike Conley in their lineup, sources tell ESPN.

The point guard has been with the Grizzlies since 2007, when he was selected by the team in the first round of the NBA draft. Now a free agent, Conley is expected to sit down with the Dallas Mavericks on Friday, ESPN reports.

The Mavericks are also said to be pursuing Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside.

Memphis, in turn, is interested in Dallas small forward Chandler Parsons, sources say.

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ABC News(PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY) — A pre-scheduled drill at Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County, Maryland, prompted a lockdown Thursday morning after someone saw the armed drill and called authorities, a law enforcement source said.

“The base was scheduled to conduct an active shooter exercise, however, reports of a real-world active shooter situation were reported at Malcolm Grow medical facility,” the base said.

The lockdown has now been lifted.

Earlier, all personnel at the base had been told to shelter in place.

Vice President Joe Biden was expected to leave from the base Thursday for Ohio.

The U.S. military facility, located about 17 miles outside of Washington, D.C., is home to Air Force One.

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iStock/Thinkstock(PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md.) — Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County, Maryland, has been put on lockdown this morning following a report of an active shooter.

All personnel were directed to shelter in place.

JBA is currently on lockdown due to a report of an active shooter. All personnel are directed to shelter in place. More info as it comes.

— Joint Base Andrews (@JBA_NAFW) June 30, 2016

The incident occurred at the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility. First responders have arrived at the scene.

Additional details were not immediately available.

The U.S. military facility, located about 17 miles outside of Washington, D.C., is home to Air Force One.

This story is developing. Check back for more updates.

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Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) — New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul lost a finger and severely damaged his right hand last July 4 when he lit a professional-grade firework and it went off in his hand.

Now he’s starring in a public service announcement from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, and he has a strong warning for others.

“Leave the fireworks to the professionals,” the 27-year-old told ABC News’ Good Morning America correspondent Mara Schiavocampo, as she went behind the scenes for the filming of the PSA that was released Thursday.

In the spot, Pierre-Paul makes reference to the incident that left him hospitalized for weeks.

“In a split second it blew off my whole hand,” he said. “All I could do was think about my son and was I going to make it,” he said. “Now I’m truly blessed to be alive. Now when I look at fireworks I think about safety.”

Schiavocampo also asked Pierre-Paul about how he had been faring since the accident.

“My recovery is good,” he said, adding: “You’ve just got to overcome.”

The football player told Schiavocampo that he believed he could get away from the firework in time.

He’s not alone. On YouTube there are numerous videos showing amateurs setting off fireworks, sometimes with unexpected or harmful results.

In the months around the Fourth of July holiday, about 230 people go to the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries, according to figures from the CPSC. Out of all fireworks injuries in 2013, hands and fingers were affected most often.

In addition to professional-grade fireworks, the CPSC is also warning about the danger of sparklers, especially around children.

“Sparklers are incredibly dangerous. They burn as hot as a blow torch,” said Elliott Kaye, the CPSC’s chairman.

The CPSC offered the following tips for using consumer-grade fireworks:

1. Only use ones designed for consumers.

2. Keep a bucket of water nearby.

3. Never try to re-light fireworks that don’t appear to work the first time.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The on-track fight last Saturday between Camping World Truck Series drivers John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher was all the talk around NASCAR last weekend. But infamy is going to cost Townley and Gallagher.

On Wednesday NASCAR fined Townley $15,000 and Gallagher $12,500 for their actions in the brawl. Both also were placed on probation through Dec. 31.

After a collision last Saturday at the Drivin for Linemen 200 at Gateway Motorsports Park, the drivers left their vehicles. A verbal altercation escalated into a physical tussle before the pair could be separated.

Also receiving penalties this week were Sprint Cup Series drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matt Kenseth. Each received a written warning after failing pre-qualifying inspections last week at Sonoma.

Kenseth’s Joe Gibbs Racing No. 20 Toyota team was issued a warning after failing two trips through the Laser Inspection Station. Earnhardt’s Hendrick Motorsports No. 88 Chevrolet team failed body template inspection twice before Friday’s Sonoma qualifying, reports

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Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images(NEW YORK) — “Life is awesome,” Lindsey Vonn said.

The gold medalist and ski champion spoke to ABC News this week about empowerment and how her self-confidence is at an all-time high right now.

Many of these themes are in Vonn’s new book, Strong Is the New Beautiful, set for release in October.

“It’s basically a healthy lifestyle book,” she said. “It’s not about dieting or anything like that. It’s about being a strong person and what works best for you. … I hate the word diet and I want people to live healthy and be strong.”

Despite Vonn’s being featured in countless editorial spreads like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and her having certainly dated other high-profile celebrities and athletes, the 31-year-old admits she hasn’t always had the confidence she displays now.

“I definitely had a moment there after I won the gold medal in 2010, where I was very self-conscious,” she said. “It was my first time being on red carpets and stuff like that. I was not confident in myself and the way that I looked.”

Vonn said she hates the theory of dieting because of her experience with it, which did not enrich her life for the better.

“I’ve kind of run the gamut of trying different things like Paleo, and I did a high-carb diet a while ago. I’ve tried everything,” she added. “You have to make healthy choices. But I have Reese’s, I have coffee, I have Red Bull. I’m not perfect all the time. … Everyone needs a treat and a break. The more you force yourself not to do that, the more unhealthy you’ll get.”

Such thinking makes her latest partnership with Team USA sponsor Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups “perfect,” she said.

“The [‘Do Summer Like a Winter Olympian’] campaign is amazing, confident, witty, kind of like me,” she said.

A commercial is set to come out for Reese’s, and Vonn was happy to show a fun side to her that most people don’t see. She’s also not afraid to be herself now.

“I’ve just gotten to the point that I love where I am, I’m not the same size as everyone else. … I’m comfortable with what I got,” she said. “I think it shows in my attitude and the way I present myself. Now when I walk the red carpet, I don’t care with what everyone else thinks.”

Vonn admits she has not quite adjusted to the celebrity life, being a top-notch athlete at heart.

“It’s definitely hard. I’m lucky I have really good friends around me,” she said of being in the public eye. “I feel like the hardest thing is dating.”

What the Minnesota native is adjusting to is trying new things.

“I’m in a really good place right now, living life to the fullest and trying to get the most out of every single day,” she said. “There’s a lot I have to offer in addition to skiing. I still value what I do; it’s my love, my main joy in life. But I’ve found a lot of fulfillment in doing things outside of skiing.

“Hopefully, after my skiing career is over, these things will continue to happen and I’ll keep trying new things and enjoying life.”

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