2/6/14 – 11:38 A.M.

The bitter cold of this winter shows no sign of relenting, and that’s bad news for people who heat their homes with propane. A shortage of the product has businesses rationing what little propane they have, and an emergency declaration has been issued in Ohio to ease restrictions on truck drivers who haul the fuel.

Congressman Bob Latta commented on the issue on WFINat10 today, saying a couple of things are being done at the national level to try and alleviate the problem…

Audio: Bob Latta

Latta says that the waiver on the hours of service propane drivers are allowed to have has also been extended until March 1. He also added that a couple of ships that were hauling propane overseas were called back to the U.S. to fill the need here.

The 5th District Congressman said while he wants to see how something like this can be prevented from happening in the future, his main concern right now is getting propane to where it is needed…

Audio: Bob Latta

Latta also talked about the Farm Bill, Marathon’s announcement to expand in Findlay, and the Affordable Health Care Act while on WFINat10.  You can listen to the full interview here:

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