1/22/15 – 5:22 A.M.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know about a scam that has popped up in the area. Sheriff Michael Heldman says potential victims have been targeted over email. The scammers will identify themselves as a family member or friend. They’ll go on to say they took a trip overseas, and their belongings were misplaced or taken. They then ask you to send them money so they can get home.

Heldman says not to send money and to ignore the email.

If you think you’ve been victimized by the scam, call the sheriff’s office at (419)424-7097.

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12/22/14 – 6:46 A.M.

Residents in our region have been the target of a new phone scam. The Lima News reports people have been getting calls from scammers claiming to be with the IRS. The scammer will say they have been trying to reach you about unpaid taxes and that this is your last chance to pay. They’ll then direct you to pay the fine with a prepaid credit card.

The people behind the scam are using software that makes an IRS phone number show up on your caller ID.

If you get a call like this, you’re urged to call the better business bureau.

MORE: Lima News

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2/6/14 – 8:20 A.M.

Bowling Green Police are warning area businesses of a gift card scam. The Sentinel-Tribune reports police were told that a BG business was called by a man who identified himself as Don Richardson from InComm, a business that processes gift and phone card transactions. The man asked a clerk at the store to activate a certain type of card for a system test. When he was told they the store didn’t have that card, he asked the clerk to activate two Verizon cards. Once that was done the man hung up.

InComm has confirmed the man did not work for them. Police warn you should be careful about conducting business over the phone without verifying name and contact information.

MORE: Sentinel-Tribune

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1/28/14 – 11:52 A.M.

The extremely cold temperatures may slow down petty criminals, but scam artists never rest. Dick Eppstein of the Toledo Better Business Bureau talked about the latest scams to hit the area on WFINat10 today. He says to beware of calling back someone who calls you and only lets the phone ring once before hanging up…

Audio: Dick Eppstein

Eppstein says younger people are more frequently victimized by this type of scam because they’re not familiar with long distance fees.

Another scam people have been seeing involves home security systems…

Audio: Dick Eppstein

If you have questions about a business or person you think might be trying to bilk you out of your money, you can always contact the Better Business Bureau for more information.

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1/28/14 – 4:24 A.M.

There’s a new scam targeting utility customers in Bowling Green.  Officials say some people have received emails that appear to be from Pacific Gas and Electric, and contain a statement showing an unpaid balance.  Anyone who gets this email should not respond, click on the provided links or provide any personal information.

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