iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Login information for as many as 225,000 Apple accounts may have been stolen using a sophisticated malware called KeyRaider that targets jailbroken devices — those that have hardware restrictions removed and are no longer protected by Apple.

Cyber security company Palo Alto Networks, working alongside Chinese technology group WeipTech, published research detailing the breach, which apparently allows hackers to download apps using the person’s account to remotely lock a device and hold it for ransom.

“We believe this to be the largest known Apple account theft caused by malware,” researcher Claud Xiao wrote.

The malware appears to have been spread by being built into jailbreak tweaks, which are software additions not evaluated by Apple, Xiao said. The tweaks have been downloaded more than 20,000 times, leading researchers to believe at least that many people are taking advantage of the 225,000 stolen account credentials.

Some people have reported unusual purchasing history in their App Store accounts while others have had their devices locked for ransom, according to researchers.

Apple advises users to not jailbreak their devices due to security issues.

“Jailbreaking your device eliminates security layers designed to protect your personal information and your iOS device,” Apple’s support website explains. “With this security removed from your iOS device, hackers may steal your personal information, damage your device, attack your network, or introduce malware, spyware or viruses.”

Palo Alto Networks said it provided the stolen account information to Apple on Aug. 26. It was also noted that researchers were only able to recover half of the stolen account information before the hacker fixed the vulnerability.

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KTRK-TV(HOUSTON) — The family of a 14-year-old athlete has confirmed that he died after being infected with a deadly amoeba that attacks the brain.

Michael Riley is believed to have contracted the amoeba during a swim in a fresh water lake, and his family posted a message on a Facebook page dedicated to supporting his health battle.

“Michael fought a courageous fight over the past week, allowing him to move on to be with the Lord for future heavenly tasks, a beautiful set of wings, and a pair of gold running shoes,” the family’s message reads.

“The tests tonight produced undesirable results which were coupled with the inability to function without support and proper blood flow to the brain,” the statement says.

The so called “brain-eating amoeba” occur naturally in fresh water and can cause irreversible damage or death if they infect a person through the nose. Cases are rare, but deadly and only a handful of people are known to have survived the infection.

The Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services reported they were notified of a suspected amoeba infection Aug. 22, but could not confirm the teen was the patient due to privacy reasons.

Michael’s family initially told ABC News affiliate KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas that they believed the teen contracted the dangerous infection on Aug. 13 during a trip to the lake with his teammates.

The teen, who qualified for the Junior Olympics three times, and was playing in the lake alongside his new high school track teammates.

About a week later, the teen reported a headache and fever and within 24 hours he had become confused and disoriented, according to the family’s website. At the hospital, his doctors quickly suspected the rare naegleria fowleri amoeba.

“As Michael’s work here is done, we will begin our work in honoring him by continuing with our search for a better understanding along with an awareness campaign in hopes of sparing others from the tremendous pain and agony that follows the onset of Naegleria fowleri and primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM),” the Riley family wrote in their statement on Facebook early Monday.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — It’s finally the end of the worst month for stocks in several years as Wall Street closes mostly down, but crude oil is up nearly 30 percent in just three days.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 114.98 to finish the session at 16528.03.

The Nasdaq also lost 51.82, ending at 4776.51, while the S&P 500 dropped 16.69 to close at 1972.18.

Crude oil rose nearly 8 percent, closing at more than $49 a barrel, the biggest three-day gain since 1990. Business Insider attributes the surge to OPEC, as they stand “ready to talk to all other producers.”

Still no word on whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, however a Fed official said over the weekend a September interest rate hike was still possible.

Apple and Cisco Systems are working together in a new attempt to try and sell more iPhones and iPads to corporate customers. It’s an effort to work on Internet networking gear and to allow workers’ office phones to be synced up as well.

Blue Bell ice cream is back in grocery stores, four months after the company shut down production due to a listeria outbreak. Ice cream from the Texas-based company is now available at stores around Houston and Austin and parts of Alabama.

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Bill Pugliano/Getty Images(DETROIT) — Is a merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors possible? GM has so far rejected any ideas of a merger, but the FCA chief isn’t backing off.

In a recent interview with Automotive Magazine, FCA Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne said “it would be unconscionable not to force a partner” when discussing a potential merger.

Marchionne told Automotive Magazine, “Look, the combined entity can make $30 billion a year in cash. Thirty. Just think about that [expletive] number. In steady-state environments, it’ll make me $28 to $30 billion.”

According to Marchionne in the interview, the upsides of the merger would be too great and he refuses to accept “no” as an answer.

Though this might sound “hostile,” Marchionne told Automotive Magazine there is nothing hostile about it.

“There are varying degrees of hugs,” said Marchionne to Automotive Magazine. “I can hug you nicely, I can hug you tightly, I can hug you like a bear, I can really hug you. Everything starts with physical contact. Then it can degrade, but it starts with physical contact.”

Even though Marchonne is pushing for a merger, he tells Automotive Magazine GM isn’t answering his calls.

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ABC News(THE VATICAN) — Pope Francis participated in a virtual audience today with Americans from around the country during an event hosted exclusively with ABC News.

The event was moderated from inside the Vatican by ABC News’ “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir, as the pontiff engaged via satellite with individuals from three different groups: students at the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Chicago’s inner city, congregants from a McAllen, Texas, church located near the U.S.-Mexico border and homeless men and women and those working with the homeless in Los Angeles.

The event will air in a one-hour special edition of ABC News’ “20/20″ on Friday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET. In addition, the event will be posted in its entirety in both English and Spanish on

The event coincides with the pope’s upcoming visit to the United States, scheduled for later this month, when Francis is expected to travel to Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia from Sept. 22 to Sept. 27.

The pope’s U.S. trip includes a meeting with President Obama at the White House, an address in front of a joint-meeting of Congress, an address at the U.N. General Assembly in New York and a “multi-religious service” at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

His trip will conclude in Philadelphia at the World Meeting of Families, a global event organized by the Catholic Church that focuses on strengthening family bonds. Event organizers expect up to two million people to attend the pope’s closing mass.

Only three other reigning popes have ever visited the United States: Paul VI in 1965, John Paul II, who traveled to the country seven different times, and Pope Benedict XVI, who visited in April 2008.

Born in Argentina, Francis, 78, is the first Latin American and first Jesuit to lead the Roman Catholic Church. He succeeded Benedict in 2013, and since then the pontiff has won wide acclaim for his modern views on religion, his hands-on work with the less-fortunate and his acceptance of the LGBT community.

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NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI/Alex Parker(NEW YORK) — New Horizons has passed Pluto but the space probe’s work isn’t done yet.

NASA has selected a potential new target for New Horizons to fly past located nearly one billion miles beyond the dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt, an area beyond Pluto’s orbit of the Sun that is the largest structure in the planetary system, with more than 100,000 miniature worlds ripe for exploration.

Before New Horizons reaches the Kuiper Belt object, known as 2014 MU69, a proposal will have to be evaluated by an independent team of experts before the flyby is officially approved.

“While discussions whether to approve this extended mission will take place in the larger context of the planetary science portfolio, we expect it to be much less expensive than the prime mission while still providing new and exciting science,” John Grunsfeld, chief of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said in a statement.

The object was chosen in part for its location. It will cost less fuel to reach it than other candidates, leaving more fuel for New Horizons to conduct other science opportunities.

New Horizons conserved energy by taking naps on its 3 billion mile journey to Pluto. The spacecraft may have enough power for two more decades of exploration, according to NASA.

The piano-sized probe is equipped with a battery that converts radiation from decaying plutonium into electricity. New Horizons loses about a few watts of power each year, according to NASA, but is estimated to have as much as 20 years left in its life expectancy.

It will spend the next year and few months transmitting data from back to Earth from its July 14 encounter with Pluto, with the information being categorized by low, medium and high priority. It will likely make its last transmission in October or November of next year, officials said.

Launched in January 2006 on a 3 billion mile journey to Pluto, New Horizons “phoned home” after its Pluto flyby, indicating that it had successfully navigated just 7,700 miles from the dwarf planet. It later sent back the first high-resolution images of Pluto’s surface.

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Carl Court/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Adultery website Ashley Madison said today it has continued to attract new members, many of whom self-identified as female when signing up for the service.

Avid Life Media, the parent company of Ashley Madison, said in a statement Monday that “hundreds of thousands of new users signed up for the Ashley Madison platform” in the wake of an unprecedented hack that left as many as 37 million members exposed. Of the new Ashley Madison members, the company said 87,596 are women.

“Recent media reports predicting the imminent demise of Ashley Madison are greatly exaggerated,” a statement from Avid Life Media said. “The company continues its day-to-day operations even as it deals with the theft of its private data by criminal hackers. Despite having our business and customers attacked, we are growing.”

The latest statement comes three days after Noel Biderman, the CEO of Avid Life Media, announced he was stepping down from his position and handing over control of the company to its senior management team until a new chief executive is selected.

“This change is in the best interest of the company and allows us to continue to provide support to our members and dedicated employees. We are steadfast in our commitment to our customer base,” a statement posted on Avid Life Media’s website said. “We are actively adjusting to the attack on our business and members’ privacy by criminals.”

A 500,000 Canadian dollar reward (approximately $376,000 USD) is being offered for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Personal data believed to have been stolen from Ashley Madison was posted on the dark Web a little more than a week ago, apparently exposing names, email addresses and phone numbers for some of the website’s 37 million members, among other information.

The data dump came one month after Avid Life Media confirmed a “criminal intrusion” into its system.

Going by the name “The Impact Team,” the hacker or hackers said the breach was spurred by a disagreement with Avid Life Media’s business practices, specifically a “full delete” feature. For $19, the company allows repentant cheaters to scrub their information from the website.

“Full Delete netted ALM $1.7mm in revenue in 2014. It’s also a complete lie,” the Impact Team wrote after the hack last month. “Users almost always pay with credit card; their purchase details are not removed as promised, and include real name and address, which is of course the most important information the users want removed.”

Business practices aside, the hacker or hackers also had another message: “Too bad for those men, they’re cheating dirtbags and deserve no such discretion…Too bad for ALM, you promised secrecy but didn’t deliver.”

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Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — When it comes to securing the nation’s borders, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he has heard “legitimate concerns” from voters about the need to strengthen security along the U.S. border with Canada, not just Mexico.

Asked by NBC about the notion of building a fence along the Canadian border, the Republican presidential candidate said it’s an issue “for us to look at.”

“Some people have asked us about that in New Hampshire,” Walker told NBC News’ Chuck Todd in a Meet the Press interview that aired Sunday.

“They have raised some very legitimate concerns, including some law enforcement folks that brought that up to me at one of our town hall meetings about a week and a half ago. So that’s a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

Walker, who has made border security a central focus of his broader national security platform, told Todd “we need to secure the borders in general,” citing the southern border with Mexico as having the “most rampant spots” for illegal border crossings.

“If we’re spending millions of dollars on TSA at our airports, if we’re spending all sorts of money on port security, it only makes sense to me that, if part of what we’re doing is protect ourselves, and set aside immigration for a minute, but protect ourselves from risk out there, I think we should make sure we have a secure border,” he said.

In a speech at the Citadel military college in South Carolina last week, Walker, 47, warned that terrorists could be penetrating the U.S.-Mexico border, using the same routes as immigrants crossing the border illegally.

“You see, Islamic extremists and other terrorists are most likely using the same trails into our homeland as the drug cartels, the weapons smugglers and the human traffickers,” Walker said Friday in what was the first major foreign policy speech of his presidential campaign.

Border security has become a driving issue in the Republican presidential contest since front-runner Donald Trump surged to the top of the polls with an immigration platform that calls for building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, deporting all immigrants in the country illegally and revoking birthright citizenship for children of immigrant parents who entered the United States illegally.

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SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images(KIEV, Ukraine) — Violent clashes erupted in Ukraine’s capital city Monday as demonstrators there protested constitutional amendments being discussed by lawmakers.

Police in riot gear hurled stun grenades and smoke bombs into the crowds, and at least 10 police officers were injured in the clashes.

The parliament is discussing amendments that would grant greater autonomy to Ukraine’s regions, including pro-Russian separatist territories in the east.

Some have said the amendments won’t go far enough, while many of those demonstrating are opposed to the changes, which they view as surrendering to Russian pressure.

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(LOS GATOS, Calif.) — Now’s the time to catch some of the biggest blockbusters on Netflix.

Netflix announced in a statement on Sunday that they will dropping its contract with Epix, the cable network, in pursuit of creating more original content.

Without Epix, the streaming service will not show such films as Hunger Games: Catching Fire, World War Z and Transformers: Age of Extinction, anymore after September.

“While many of these movies are popular, they are also widely available on cable and other subscription platforms at the same time as they are on Netflix and subject to the same drawn out licensing periods,” said the statement from Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. “Through our original films and some innovative licensing arrangements with the movie studios, we are aiming to build a better movie experience for you.”

Next year, Netflix will serve as “the exclusive US pay TV home” for movies from The Walt Disney Company, which includes Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel movies. The streaming service also has a deal with DreamWorks Animation to develop shows.

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