UF Professor Talks About The Psychology Of Social Media

Ron Tulley

12/18/13 – 12:03 P.M.

A criticism of social media we often hear is that it’s turned us all into narcissists. However, Dr. Ron Tulley of the University of Findlay says it’s probably more likely we were all narcissists to begin with, only now more people get to see that side of us…

Audio: Ron Tulley

Tulley has written a dissertation on the subject and talked about it on WFINat10 today.

Another common knock on social media is that most of what is posted is negative or combative. Tulley says that type of thing was going on long before Facebook, the social media aspect just amplifies it…

Audio: Ron Tulley

Tulley says for the most part people use social media as a “digital mirror” of sorts, as most profiles and comments are fairly reflective of who the user actually is.

Listen to the full conversation from today’s WFINat10:

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