Veterans Services Director Wants Area Veterans To Get All The Benefits They Are Eligible For

7/17/13 – 11:45 A.M.

There are a variety of services available to Hancock County’s veterans, but they aren’t always taken advantage of. Veterans Services Director Nicole Coleman appeared on WFINat10 today and said it’s an issue she needs your help in getting out in front of…

Audio: Coleman says you can help make sure veterans are getting all the benefits they are owed…

Coleman says there are a few areas where it’s common to see veterans not getting the full extent of the benefits they are owed…

Audio: Coleman says health benefits are the most commonly overlooked services..

Coleman adds that other benefits her office can help you with include filing disability claims and preparing for retirement.

If you think you may be missing out on some services or want more information, you can call (419)424-7036.

You can listen to the full interview from today’s WFINat10 here:

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