2023 Ohio State Fair schedule changes

A conversation with…

Virgil Strickler, general manager of the Ohio Expo Center and the Ohio State Fair

OCJ: As we get ready to talk about the State Fair, what are this year’s dates? 

Virgil: This year it’s July 26 through Aug. 6. Our entry deadline is June 21 at 1:00 p.m. and, of course, the website at ohiostatefair.com has all of those details.

OCJ: We have had a couple years of the final grand drives for all of the livestock species at combined events in the Coliseum, but this year we’re going back to the barns for the final drives. Is that correct?

Virgil: We put a lot of thought into this and we have to open up that Coliseum to get some of the horse events back in the fair. The draft horses will be back this year and, of course, the junior fair horses. We had to look at it that way and I’ve got to admit that I’m very sentimental about being in the actual facilities where they show for the final drives.… Continue reading