Beginner & Small Farm College in Coshocton and Greene counties

The Extension offices in Coshocton and Greene counties will be hosting the 2022 Beginner & Small Farm College on Oct. 24, 31 and Nov. 7 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. This college is designed to help landowners examine potential ways to increase profits on their small acreage properties. The program is open to all new or aspiring farmers, new rural landowners, small farmers, and farm families.

During this college, participants will be challenged to develop realistic expectations for their new farm business. They will receive information on getting started, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their property, and developing a farm business plan. Information on farm finances, insurance, liability, labor and marketing will be covered during the college. The topics included in this workshop include:

Oct. 24: Getting started on your new farm business

Developing real-life expectations for your farm.Examining the available resources and opportunities for your property.Developing a farm business plan, including setting your family and farm mission, goals and objectives.… Continue reading