Building a future from the soil

By Matt Reese

Whether it is the start of a new growing season or the advent of a new career for a young farmer, the culture, industry and art of food production begins with the soil.

“Every producer’s most valuable asset is the land they farm. It is the key to their livelihood and long-term productivity, which is why Cargill is committed to partnering with farmers to increase their productivity by promoting sustainable, innovative agricultural practices. Adoption of regenerative practices helps farmers create a system that is more resilient and economically viable, ensuring their success for future generations,” said Nathan Fries, Sustainability Lead with Cargill. “We realize, however, that every farmer is unique and in a different place when it comes to the adoption of regenerative agriculture. Three years ago, we launched Cargill RegenConnect, providing farmers choice as to which practices are best suited to their operation’s unique growing conditions.” 

Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo interviewed Janelle Leach, Conservation Agronomist about the Cargill RegenConnect program in Sidney.

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