Can we beat the summer heat?

By Alexandra Stinemetz, Ph.D., Pioneer field agronomist

Alexandra Stinemetz, Ph.D., Pioneer field agronomist

The rainfall pattern across Ohio during the early part of the 2024 growing season has been irregular. The precipitation kept fields wet in many of the northwestern counties delaying planting until late May and early June. The state has witnessed a variety of weather conditions but the above average temperatures and accelerated growing degree unit (GDU) accumulation has been experienced by all. What impact will high temperatures have on our corn and soybean crops?

Warm weather causes corn to grow faster. Optimal daytime temperatures for corn ranges between 77 degrees F and 91 degrees F. Growth decreases when temperatures exceed 95 degrees F but even temperatures in the mid-90s are not a problem until soil moisture is lacking. Leaf rolling is thought to be the first sign of drought stress in corn. The extent of corn yield loss is determined by stage of growth and the duration of plant wilting.… Continue reading