Disappointing wheat prices

By Doug Tenney, Leist Mercantile

Following a great dinner at home recently, Cindy asked, “So, Doug, if you were preparing tomorrow night’s meal, what would you make?” Hmn…My response, “Remember that time I made a baloney omelet?” I was immediately disqualified. Producing a meal requires skill, planning, experience, and common sense — just like producing crops. No baloney about that!

Recent price activity for CBOT wheat has been extremely disappointing. During the first half of December 2023, July CBOT rallied to $6.66 in the midst of a 3-day buying spree when China bought 41 million bushels of US wheat. Fast forward to the week of March 11. Disappointment was plentiful when in 3 successive days China announced several cancelations of U.S. wheat purchases totaling 18 million bushels. That same week China was also canceling wheat purchases from Australia and France. Corn, soybeans, and wheat all took huge price declines from December into February.… Continue reading