Dismal grain exports not helping prices

By Doug Tenney, Leist Mercantile

Last month Cindy and I were at a local restaurant. I asked, “See anyone you know?” Her response, “I know you.” Since waiting isn’t one of my gifts, she suggested I take a walk among the tables because I always find at least one familiar face. For once I had no success. Here’s hoping your efforts to secure needed workers as well as getting equipment field ready for preparation and planting does not come up as empty.

Grain prices to start the New Year were not friendly as they continued their downward trend and moved even lower for the first month of 2024. In January, corn was down 23 cents, soybeans down 76 cents, and wheat down 33 cents. Fundamentals are sorely lacking at this juncture for 2024 as producers come to grips with a lots of doom and gloom for grains. Money flow, demand, and world grain supplies are the main drivers as we move further into 2024.… Continue reading