Drainage, water recycling, and soil health field day at OSU Lima Campus

By Vinayak Shedekar and Nic Baumer, The Ohio State University

Drainage installation, drainage water recycling, and soil health will be the focus of a field day being held on July 24 at the Ohio State University at Lima Campus.

The field day will take place at the Ohio State Lima regenerative agriculture farm (LRAF). The LRAF initiative started in 2020 and aims to provide research and educational opportunities focused on regenerative farming practices. The farm at Ohio State Lima is a learning laboratory for farmers to see how regenerative ag can work in the real world and how conservation practices can improve outcomes both on individual farms and collectively. 

Adequate drainage is a necessary step in the transformation of the farmland towards a regenerative farm. The team envisioned a project to implement farm drainage and associated conservation practices on about 120 acres in 4 years as part of a project funded by the OSU Sustainability Institute.… Continue reading