EPA pesticide proposal would affect millions of soy acres

By Scott Gerlt, American Soybean Association Chief Economist

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently released several proposals regarding its Endangered Species Act commitments under its pesticide program. One such proposal could significantly hinder or prevent pesticide use on close to 13 million acres of cropland, including over five million acres of soybeans. EPA holds responsibility for approving federal registration of pesticides in the United States. It determines the parameters for use during the registration process, including ensuring pesticide uses will not harm wildlife or the environment. The Vulnerable Species Pilot Project (VSPP) is part of EPA’s efforts to meet its obligations under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to consider endangered species as part of federal  registration process. The broad approach EPA is proposing as part of the VSPP would greatly inhibit agriculture on a significant amount of land, and the agency intends to expand the pilot project to scale up the program to much larger areas in the future.… Continue reading