Growing strawberries for two decades at Bapst Berry Patch

By Brianna Gwirtz, OCJ field reporter

When you have vacation time, you could use it for trips. You could see a friend, hike in the mountains or swim in the ocean. But for Brad Bapst, vacation time is used for only one thing: strawberry season. 

Bapst Berry Patch is located in Beaver, a small village in Pike County. Every May, people from as far away as Kentucky, West Virginia, and beyond visit the farm to secure fresh strawberries. 

Brad Bapst has worked for The Ohio State University for nearly 30 years. When he first began his career, Bapst worked in agricultural research at the South Centers, where he was introduced to research trials focused on berries and small fruits. Today, his job as a business specialist with the Small Business Development Center has him out of the research world. Still, the information he learned about raising strawberries years ago stuck with him. 

“About 22 years ago, we saw an opportunity to grow strawberries on our farm.… Continue reading