Moffitt named Ethanol Specialist for Ohio Corn & Wheat

Ohio Corn & Wheat (OCW) is pleased to announce Brad Moffitt is the new Ethanol Specialist.

In this new role, Moffitt is serving as the technical specialist for ethanol-related matters from the cornfield to the gasoline dispenser. Moffitt is also responsible for promoting higher ethanol blends (Unleaded 88/E15, E85, and mid-level blends) to consumers. 

“For the past eleven years, I have served as the Director of Market Development and Membership, handling ethanol programs, export programs, and member services,” said Moffitt.  “I am really looking forward to specializing in ethanol for Ohio Corn & Wheat. I am excited to build on the network of great agriculturists and ethanol enthusiasts I have worked with since 2012 and expand this network.”

Ohio is ranked fifth in the U.S. when it comes to the number of registered cars on the road. The state is also the seventh-largest producer of corn and is home to seven ethanol refineries.… Continue reading