More legal wrangling over Lake Erie

By Matt Reese

Over the last 10 years, it seems almost as certain as the likelihood of a green hue in parts of Lake Erie in late summer. If Jamie Farr loves Tony Packo’s, there is a pretty solid chance the good folks of Toledo are trying to sue someone regarding water quality in Lake Erie and are directing their emerald-water ire at Ohio agriculture.

“In the 10 years since Toledo experienced a drinking water crisis caused by harmful algal blooms in the Western Basin, there have been four federal lawsuits demanding a plan for improving water quality in the lake and a legal battle to protect the lake with a ‘Lake Erie Bill of Rights,’” said Peggy Kirk Hall, director of agricultural law, Ohio State University Agricultural and Resource Law Program in a recent article. “The current litigation arises from a 2023 settlement agreement that led the Ohio EPA to create the TMDL for the Maumee River Watershed.… Continue reading