Necessity leads to innovation and a brighter future for Seiler Farms

By Matt Reese and Dusty Sonnenberg

Les and Jerry Seiler started implementing conservation practices on their Fulton County farm out of necessity, but over more than three decades, conservation has become central to the operation. This reality was showcased on the national stage when Les was named the National Conservation Legacy Award winner at the annual American Soybean Association Awards Celebration event during Commodity Classic on March 10, 2023. Seiler is the first farmer from Ohio to ever receive the award.

Les and Jerry have implemented a suite of farming practices to help mitigate soil loss and maximize soil health. Jerry said they have seen a huge improvement in the water infiltration through the years due to the extensive conservation practices implemented on the farm. 

“Les is a big advocate for soil health. He’s really been pushing that and trying to use only things that promote soil health and are not detrimental to it,” Jerry said.… Continue reading