No one can take your place

By Dee Jepsen

National Farm Safety and Health Week is September 17 to 23, 2023. This promotional week has occurred since 1944 to commemorate the hard work, diligence and sacrifices made by our nation’s farmers and ranchers.  

The 2023 theme, “No one can take your place,” reminds us that working in agriculture is different than working other industries. Farms are unique businesses, each producing their own commodity, with their own workforce, management team, and production schedule. Regardless of their size small and large farms can be found in rural, urban and inner-city settings growing food and resources for local and world consumption.

This article was written in the spirit of the hard-working agricultural worker, their dedicated families to pursue an agricultural lifestyle, and the business community that supports the agricultural economy. Here are three short safety and health practices to follow as the fall farming season approaches.

For your safety

Consider the best recommended practices for operating tractors, machinery, ATVs and UTVs, and farmstead systems.… Continue reading