Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 355 | Irksome Issues in Agriculture

Here at the Ohio Ag Net, we love to highlight all the amazing things going on in Ohio Agriculture. But sometimes, especially during this hot season, you just have to let off some steam and talk about the frustrating things.

Nothing is left unsaid in this year’s summer agriculture rant podcast. Hear from Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net team members, alongside agriculture industry leaders, as they share their thoughts regarding everything from falling commodity prices to environmentalists’ perception of agriculture.

Included in this week’s podcast:

Hosts Matt Reese and Dusty Sonnenberg chat with Luke Crumley, Director of Public Policy and Nutrient Management for Ohio Corn & Wheat, about his summer ag frustrations.

Dale gets a biodiesel update from Scott Fenwick of the Clean Fuels Alliance.

Matt interviews farmer and industry leader Ray Von Horn about the 2024 wheat harvest.

Joe Everett, farmer and team member, shares his thoughts on falling commodity prices.… Continue reading