Ohio Organic Corn Performance Test results

By Rich MinyoOsler Ortez, Ohio State University Extension

The purpose of the Ohio Organic Corn Performance Test (OOCPT) is to evaluate certified organic corn hybrids for grain yield and other important agronomic characteristics. Results of the test can assist farmers in selecting hybrids best suited to their farming operations and production environments as well as recommendations made by seed companies and breeding programs.

Results for the 2022 Ohio Organic Corn Performance Test are available, you can access a copy of the PDF full report here. Additionally, you can access results by selecting any of the three 2022 test locations (including 2-year and 3-year summaries) on the Ohio Organic Corn Trial webpage. The web-based version of the trial includes sortable tables, and the information can also be downloaded as spreadsheets.

In 2022, wet and cold soil conditions in May delayed field preparation and planting. The Organic OCPT fields were planted in the second half of May into conventionally tilled fields with good soil moisture.… Continue reading