Oldest Running Grain Cart discovered in Ohio

Farmer Jeremy Smart from Peebles in Adams County is a co-winner in a national contest conducted by Kinze Manufacturing to find the company’s oldest grain cart that is still operating. 

The Oldest Running Cart Contest was offered to mark the 50th anniversary of Kinze’s first grain cart. After building a prototype cart in 1971, company founder Jon Kinzenbaw manufactured the first production run of eight, 400-bushel grain carts and quickly sold them all.  

Smart owns a Kinze cart from that historic first run. His cart somehow made its way to Ohio where his brother-in-law purchased it at a farm sale about 10 years ago. After a few years, however, he needed a cart with a hydraulic auger fold, so he sold it to Smart.

“Apparently my ship has finally come in and they give out awards for keeping old equipment running,” Smart said. “Obviously, it was manufactured well, and I am quite certain the original augers were in it until three years ago when I re-flighted them.”… Continue reading