Peaches elevating Hornyak Farms

By Matt Reese

It’s all about the elevation.

An older neighbor who remembered peach production on the location many years earlier suggested Matt and Leigh Hornyak plant some peach trees shortly after the couple got married and purchased the property. Though peaches can be tricky to grow for many orchards due to the risks of late frost damage and fragile early blooms, the 1,300-foot elevation of the Hornyak orchard in Geauga County allows for consistently delicious peach production.

“The air stratifies so much. You can’t see it, but it’s like water. The cold air is going to go down low and as long as you’re talking about a situation where it’s 5 or 6 hours, you’re fine. If you start getting to 12 hours or more of freezing temperatures, at that point the cold air will move up those hills and we will definitely run into a situation where the cold air gets up to towards the orchard,” Matt Hornyak said.… Continue reading