Planting season nearing completion statewide

Jeff Rea

We have had some nice weather. We got a nice window of opportunity to get some beans planted. We’re down to about 100 acres left, so I fully expect to be able to finish this week. We had some rain on Wednesday and we only got 1.5 inches here, but some of our other farms got upwards of 4 inches. Of course, those are the fields that we need to finish planting. We’re going to be checking them out probably this morning to see if they dried out so we can finish planting.

It’s becoming the new normal to have just a few precious days to get in and then just really hit it hard. We’ve increased the size of machinery and equipment so that we can get a lot done in a smaller window of time. That’s about par for the course now it seems. I think we’ve had 3 years that we haven’t got everything planted, which I think is pretty good.… Continue reading