Railroad strike narrowly avoided with tentative agreement ๐Ÿ”Š

Mike Steenhoek

A possible railroad worker strike starting Friday has been avoided after reports of a tentative agreement reached Thursday morning.

โ€œWell, fortunately, this morning, there was an announcement that the two parties came to a tentative agreement for the this new five-year contract for railroad workers,โ€ said Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition in a conversation with Ohio Ag Net and Ohioโ€™s Country Journal. โ€œAnd what that does, importantly, is that it prevents this potential strike, that could have meant at 12:01 Eastern Time on Friday. And so thatโ€™s a real sigh of relief to have that that resolution.โ€

Steenhoek reports the tentative agreement will provide rail employees a 24 percent wage increase during the five-year period of the contract (2020-2024) โ€“ consistent with the recommendations of the Presidential Emergency Board. Steenhoek said an immediate average payout of $11,000 will be provided upon ratification.

Negotiations truly came down to the wire.โ€ฆ Continue reading