Seed Quality Effects Germination

By James Hoorman, Hoorman Soil Health Services

As spring planting gets underway, farm stress is high. When seeds germinate quickly that farm stress goes away.  Getting new seeds and plants off to a vigorous start increases the potential for a healthy crop with abundant yields. However, when seeds germinate slowly because of challenging soil or weather conditions, early stress on young seedlings is likely to produce a yield drag.

When seeds germinate quickly, corn seed maggot feeding decreases. When root systems develop quickly, wireworm or rootworm larvae is greatly reduced. When seedlings grow very rapidly, and have balanced seed nutrition, they can resistant slugs and flea beetles feeding. However, none of these positive effects occur when seeds germinate slowly or when seeds are of poor quality.

Planting conditions are not always ideal.  Poor weather conditions mean that often planting occurs under less-than-ideal conditions.  Farmers typically have only about 9-10 days or less to get most crops planted on time.  … Continue reading