Stover scores a big win for Ohio beef

By Matt Reese

A Richland County farm boy turned football star had a great season for the Ohio State Buckeyes and a big win for Ohio’s beef producers.

Stover grew up on a cattle and grain operation working with his family. He developed a strong work ethic there and paired it with his athletic ability for great success in the last couple of years. 

“I grew up in Lexington, Ohio, running feeder calves up there. We sell freezer beef to local people and have a small row crop operation. Growing up and watching my dad work really inspired me to do what I can do today. I like all parts of it. I like the cattle, I like the crops and I really like the big equipment,” Stover said. “I love playing football and I love farming, but I loved farming before I knew what a football was, so I guess you could say I loved farming first.… Continue reading