Strip-till and sub-surface nutrient placement in Ohio

By John Fulton

Strip-till and subsurface fertilizer placement has become a common conservation practice for both no-till and conventional tillage systems here in Ohio. Programs like H2Ohio support subsurface nutrient placement since it can provide production and environmental benefits here in Ohio. Benefits for sub-surface placement of nutrients in Ohio could be:

Place fertilizer in a position readily available for crop uptake,

Potentially reduce pre-plant field passes to a single operation, thereby conserving fuel and reducing compaction,

Strip-till sub-surface placement equipment creates a more uniform seed bed with better seed-to-soil contact and less trash in the furrow, improving planter performance and emergence,

Sub-surface placement can reduce fertilizer loads in overland runoff, and

Banded fertilizer increases the concentration gradient reducing soil absorption and improving P and K movement to crop roots through diffusion.

However, selecting the right tool and nutrient placement strategy is important for successful adoption on Ohio farms. There exists a variety of implements to inject fertilizer and perform strip-till.… Continue reading