Summer corn disease management

By Jason Hartschuh, CCA, Ohio State University Extension field specialist in dairy management and precision livestock

Jason Hartschuh, CCA, Ohio State University Extension

Across much of the state, corn has experienced some type of weather stress this growing season. While the wet weather and delayed planting (and replanting) conditions have been frustrating this spring, now is the time to start planning for in-season disease management. Most of the fungal diseases we are concerned about affect the leaves which decreases photosynthesis and at high enough levels can kill the plants early. However, ear rots such as Giberella ear rot, can produce toxins that create corn marketing challenges. Each disease develops under slightly different environmental conditions, one benefit of a large planting window is that it spreads out the risk of a disease needing to be managed on all of your crops. Hybrid is also a critical factor when assessing the disease risks of your corn.… Continue reading