Take action against combine and field fires

By Wayne Dellinger, CCA, and Dee Jepsen, Ohio State University Extension

Weather conditions have helped Ohio wheat fields mature a little early this year — but these same conditions can lead to an increase in fires to combine harvesters and crop fields. Unintentional fires are never an enjoyable event. Two recommendations to prevent injuries and property damage include preventative maintenance and pre-planning for fire emergencies. 

Ohio ranks fourth in the nation for combine fires. Other states leading the list include Minnesota (1st), Iowa (2nd), Illinois (3rd), Kansas (5th), Nebraska (6th) and South Dakota (7th). 

The majority of harvester fires start in the engine compartment. Contributing factors for heat sources include faulty wiring, over-heated bearings, leaking fuel, or hydraulic oil. The dry crop residue makes a ready source for rapid combustion to occur when the machine is operated in the field.… Continue reading