Thankful for turkey farmers

By Ty Higgins, Ohio Farm Bureau

By now we have all heard that Thanksgiving dinner, according to American Farm Bureau, is going to cost consumers about 20% more than it did just a year ago for a number of different reasons, including inflation. Turkey producers, the farmers that work hard to put that centerpiece on the table are feeling the pinch of inflation as well.

“A lot of it has come to play with the rising cost of inputs, the electric, fuel, parts, also the cost of feed, the cost of employment for everyone involved,” said Curt Menchhofer, who farms with his brother, Eric, in west central Ohio.

The turkey alone is about 21% more expensive than 2021, but turkey farmers like the Menchhofers aren’t seeing an increase in their bottom line at the farm level.

“No, not necessarily,” Curt said. “There, again, due to our rising input cost, it’s costing more to produce that same turkey on our own, let alone our contractors and with feed costs and employment costs.”… Continue reading