The perfect crime — almost

By Don “Doc” Sanders

In 6 to 8 weeks one Northeastern U.S. dairy farm appeared to be set for the perfect crime — murder. But first let me lay a foundation of the spot for that perfect crime. This timeframe would be adequate as this is the amount of time needed to compost a cow or for that matter any large animal, but first let me fill you in with the background.

Dairy farms are microcosms of the world. Just like a village where babies are born nearly every day, people also die nearly every day, just as it occurs on a dairy farm. Cows die, calves are born, fortunately for most herds this isn’t every dairy in small herds but it often is multiple daily occurrences in big herds.

Years ago, there were entrepreneurs that operated businesses by picking up dead animals from livestock operations, transport them to a rendering plant where the hide and other remnants would be recovered for glue, gelatin, fertilizer, and if relatively fresh, even insulin.… Continue reading