Unique and weird

By Matt Reese

There is something special about farmers.

Jack Irvin will be the first to tell you he has no farm background to speak of. He grew up in northeast Ohio with an interest in politics and lobbying. Early in his career he got a job working in the Statehouse in Columbus. It was there — on the occasions he would work with them — Irvin first noticed that there was something different about farmers. They may not have always had much political polish, sometimes they wore boots instead of nice dress shoes and ties were optional. What they maybe lacked in smooth talking, though, the farmers at the Statehouse made up for by being authentic, well-reasoned and straight forward — a stark, and pleasant oddity in the political realm.

Though he did not really know the difference between a corn stalk and a cover crop, the uniqueness of farmers encouraged Irvin to shift his lobbying efforts toward agriculture.… Continue reading