Useful tips for year-end clean-up

By Brian Ravencraft

The end of 2022 is upon us. In fact, it is almost here. What year-end clean-up and planning exercises should business owners and farmers be taking part in before the year draws to a close? I asked some of my colleagues at Holbrook & Manter to weigh in. See their tips below.

The end of the year can be a busy time for small business owners with the holidays, and wrapping up projects before the New Year. However, it is not the time to forget about financial planning and taxes. Small business owners should be ensuring their books are up to date and accurate. This can help in determining where they can expect profits to be for the year. Once this information is together, they should be working very closely with their tax accountant to ensure they are prepared for any taxes they may owe, as well as to utilize any tax savings.… Continue reading