Watching for rains this week as pollination gets going

John Settlemyre

We’re very fortunate this year. We had about 6 tenths of an inch of rain in the last week and we’ve got this hurricane coming up for Wednesday. I think they’re calling for maybe 8 tenths to an inch of rain out of that. When I’m bush hogging, these ditches are dry in the bottom but there’s just enough moisture in the soil to really keep that crop growing. The moisture is in a very good balance right now.

In a few fields of corn you could see some rolling, but you know in June you’re establishing an infrastructure. Roots are shooting deeper and deeper, so I think it was really good for the crop and the hot, dry stretch wasn’t a problem for us. I did talk to some folks from up around Clark County and they’re on some river bottoms and they can irrigate. They’ve run their irrigation since the middle of June.… Continue reading