Ana Walshe’s friend reacts to Brian Walshe’s murder charge: ‘Kindness kind of killed her’

After Ana Walshe’s husband was charged with murder on Tuesday, one of her friends said she hopes that Brian Walshe will be brought to justice.

The Quincy District Court issued a murder warrant on Tuesday for Brian Walshe, who is being charged after his wife, Ana Walshe, went missing on New Year’s Day.

Natasha Babushkina, one of Ana’s friends, told Fox News Digital that Ana was always loyal to her husband, which could have been a mistake.

“My last impression of Anna, that she was so kind and soul giving. She was always, always defending Brian, giving him chances. She was almost too good to be true. So maybe that kindness kind of killed her,” Babushkina said. “It sounds horrible to say, but that’s my impression is that she is a giver.”


Brian and Ana Walshe pose up for a shot in Boston Public Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts on their wedding day on Monday, December 21, 2015
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Babushkina is hopeful Brian Walshe will be brought to justice.

“Absolute relief and hope for justice,” Babushkina said after learning of Brian Walshe’s murder charge. “When I found out, it’s like half the whole world is relieved because not knowing that possibility or not having even a slight chance of bringing in Bryan for justice would have been absolute horror story for her and her kids.”

Natasha Babushkina, one of Ana’s friends, told Fox News Digital that she’s hopeful Brian Walshe will be brought to justice.
(Fox News Digital)

Babushkina said that the murder charge brings some kind of “closure” in Ana Walshe’s death, and says that “the police must have some significant proof,” such as blood tests.

“It sounds horrible to say that I’m hopeful for it, but better knowing the truth then knowing nothing at all. Right?,” Babushkina said.

Brian Walshe’s mugshot.
(Cohasset Police Department )

When discussing the Walshe’s children, who are being cared for by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families Babushkina said that “We still have to stand up for the kids and make sure that they’re together,” Babushkina said.

“Please keep these boys together,” she said of Ana Walshe’s children.


Brian and Ana Walshe raise a toast on their wedding day in the lounge of L’Espalier in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday, December 21, 2015.
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Ana Walshe was last seen on New Year’s Day when she reportedly was expected to use a ride-sharing service to Logan International Airport in Boston in order to board a flight to Washington, D.C., according to police. She was reported missing on Jan. 4 by her company.

The couple married in 2015, but just one year prior, Ana Walshe told police that Brian Walshe had threatened to kill her and a friend during a phone call.

Ana Walshe “refused to cooperate in the prosecution,” and the case was dropped.


Brian Walshe was previously charged with misleading police in the disappearance of his wife. He allegedly told investigators that he traveled to stores where he may not have actually been to, such as CVS and Whole Foods.

He also allegedly didn’t tell police that he bought $450 in cash for cleaning supplies from a Rockland, Massachusetts, Home Depot store.

Ana Walshe takes a selfie with one of her sons in a September 2022 Instagram post.
(Ana Walshe/Instagram)

Court documents state that Walshe was seen on surveillance video wearing “a black surgical mask, blue surgical gloves and making a cash purchase,” which included mops, tape, and drop cloths.

Blood and a bloody knife was also found inside the couple’s home, investigators said.

Fox News’ Stephanie Pagones contributed to this report.