Texas porch pirates caught on camera stealing packages from homes in broad daylight

A Texas man shared that his package was stolen right off his porch within minutes of delivery in broad daylight in his quiet, suburban neighborhood.

“Kind of brazen to be doing it in the middle of the day and especially in this neighborhood. There are cameras everywhere,” Michael Peach told Fox 7.

Michael Peach’s home surveillance video caught the porch pirate taking his recently delivered package home’s front porch.
(Fox 7 Austin)

Peach shared that the porch bandits seemed to be following the delivery truck and immediately grabbing people’s packages before darting back into the streets.

“I mean, you would think that the delivery guy would notice, but, at the same time, they’re busy trying to get packages out, so maybe they just aren’t paying attention,” said Peach.

Peach has lived in his Manchaca, Texas neighborhood for over three years and shared that he has never experienced such blatant thievery.


“It was kind of creepy. I’ve always kind of thought this was a safe area, and it’s strange to have it happen,” Peach shared.

After the incident, Peach shared his experience with his neighbors- to his surprise, they had been victim’s of the porch pirate’s illegal shopping spree too.

“I think it was about four or five people that said they had been hit in this neighborhood. And then over in the neighborhood next door I think 10, 15 minutes after ours, they said that they had 10 or 12 houses over there,” Peach said.

Image of the truck that porch pirate use to steal Michael Peach’s package off his Austin, Texas front porch.
(Fox 7 Austin)

Luckily, Peach’s home surveillance caught the man in action and the vehicles make and license plate number and shared the footage with Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

He hopes sharing this story and the images will lead to answers.


“I just want whoever this is to get caught. I mean, if they’re going to come out here in the middle of the day, not cover their face, let’s put it on the news,” said Peach.